Sunday, 17 April 2011


People, what people ?

Take the example of Issa Ibn Mariam - Jesus Son of Mary.

He dealt with "people" all the time...throughout his short lived life. He dedicated his life to people. And what did he get out of the people ? He got nothing but 12 apostles.

Out of thousands, he got 12. And after what ? After one miracle after another...

The people ridiculed him, mocked him, slurred him, demeaned him...and in the end crucified him, literally or not, it does not matter...they crucified him.

And yet, he provided one miracle after another...Why did he do that for ? Because he knew the nature of people, of that famous human race...always seeking the extraordinary that itself blocks and shuns away from. Yet seeks it, to dissolve its kufr, its lack of faith in the EVIDENT, in the OBVIOUS.

People --- a bunch of harassers, argumentative, ignorant, beggars, of Truth...awaiting miracles to dispel their chronic doubts...

That is why I never take people seriously...even though I have no miracles to show. Jesus Son of Mary, already taught me their Truth.