Thursday, 20 August 2009

Endless Ramblings.1.- Discourses.

Ramadan is coming up this Saturday. Got me thinking about organized religion. Am allergic to organized religion.

Actually this is not correct. I am not allergic to organized religion, am allergic to the mob effect and the mob mentality on religion.

But then one finds those in all forms of organizations, including political parties and movements. The mob/crowd effect for me is intellectually devastating and stifles all creativity and independent inquiry.

This is most felt in official religious discourses (whatever the religion). Nothing used to put me better to sleep than an official church or mosque sermon.

At the beginning it used to fill me with fear - terrorized psyches by religious discourses, now it simply puts me to sleep or makes me very angry for I find these mainstream discourses offensive to intelligence and to the God concept.

Political discourses have the same effect on me by the way. That is why I find party lines to be not only stupid but also very boring.

Again it's the mob/crowd/group effect.

Bring any idea/ concept and let a crowd/group of "humans" handle it and you can be sure they will pervert and deform it.