Friday, 21 August 2009

Endless Ramblings 2. - Masculine Shadows.

Pray tell me, what the fuck is wrong with men ?
This is getting beyond the ugly and the absurd. It's as if these walking shadows have done nothing for centuries but tap into the most vile elements of the male archetype.
What is going on here ?
Full of ego, full of denial, swimming in deceit and lies, incapable of facing themselves, their acts, their thoughts, their impulses, strangers to themselves and to the world at large, totally self unaware, on a mental, physical rampage, surviving on ego alone, pretending they are gods, deforming, perverting, prostituting everything on their paths, from nature, to religion, to love, to sexuality...what the fuck is wrong with you guys ?

From the private and the personal to the collective, from the intimate to the public, form the inside to the outside, the masculine has screwed up big time and will continue doing so if not stopped.

And don't you fucking dare give me this shit about not generalizing. I am GENERALIZING because I have every good reason to generalize. You and the women that blindly follow like sheep, if they want to remain ostriches with their heads up their asses, this is not my problem, this is theirs and yours.

The shadow men and their vile fucked up egos, are an aberration to God, to sane, lucid women and definitely to me.

In the personal sphere, they cheat, they lie, they fabricate, they brutalize, they crush, they humiliate, they slander, they manipulate, and with all the evil innocence of the world, they will look at you with a straight face and say - why what have I done ?!

They are totally incapable of owning up to their acts and their words. Even the language of love becomes another weapon to be used, even the language of sex is another weapon to be used...

Failed verminous creatures is what these "men" are. And the world is full of them.
It is no surprise that religious texts address men in the first place and not the women, the Divine knows how fucked up these can turn out to be.

The male ego in its shadow form and most of the time it has not evolved from the shadows is stupid, empty, shallow and ignorant.

How many times did you ever hear a man say in all sincerity - I fucked up big time, I am truly sorry, and mends his ways with acts ? Follow through with acts ? How many times in all honesty ?

It all remains on the level of words, cheap talk. And they wonder why they are not respected, and they wonder why they are dumped, and they wonder why they are rejected and feel unloved and misunderstood.

It is because you idiots have miserably failed to look within yourselves and be brutally honest with yourselves. That is why.

Oh but you are good preachers aren't you ? You will sit, with pompous airs infused with theoretical knowledge and information, pontificating from your dicks and the recesses of your limbic system, where the bestial instincts are crowned with sophisticated wordings...You will sit and preach about God, morality, ethics, politics, the economy, the state of the world and in your private lives you are nothing but garbage.

And being the garbage that you are, you will chose and marry garbage women like yourselves and reproduce more garbage, generations of garbage and the end result is what we are witnessing today. Garbage societies, rotten to the core, producing more garbage...

Producing more shadows, more killings, more pain, more suffering, more death.

In fact you sons of bitches, you are the anti-thesis of Life. You are the angels of Death roaming on this earth.

And am not even talking about physical death alone here. Because physical death will take you too, insh'Allah to a place of no return and you better remember that Truth next time you fart from your egos. Am talking of a Soul death here. You are the killers of the Souls.

Today is Friday, a group of you will go and pray in congregation, imploring the Divine.

Tomorrow on Saturday, another group of you will go and implore Elohim with false piety.

The day after tomorrow, another group will go and toll the bells for the Holy Spirit.

And in the course of the coming Week, others will worship their own, sex and death...

In the end, you all are worshiping the same - your egos.

God, will take all of your devotions, prayers and worships, pieces of smelly rags and will bundle them together and throw them straight back in your faces.

And She will say - Falsehood and Lies.