Friday, 20 June 2008

A message.

I tell you, God is fed up with the whole bloody lot. He/She/It is sick and tired with you lot.

He is fed up, truly fed up with your collective stupidity, your ignorance, your pettiness, your limited vision, your shadows that cover you like a safety blanket....

God is tired of seeing you strip naked your bodies yet incapable of looking inside of yourselves.

God is sick and tired of your politically correct nitpicking. Your hypocrisy, your idiocy, your laissez-faire that you mistake for tolerance, your intellectual laziness, your reliance on fake authorities to guide you and your turning them into small gods that you worship.

He is tired of your borders, your fences, your nationalities, your governments, your weapons, your industry, your lines of production, your wars, your barbarism...

He is tired of your greed, your covetousness, your gluttony, your rapacious appetite for more...More money, more things, more food, more sex, more titles, more, more, more....He is sick and tired of your "more" that is never enough.

He is tired of your nonsense, your empty verbiage, your squareness, your small stories, your little rules, your bureaucracies, your pigeon holes, your colors, your races, your genders...He is fed up, truly fed.

You are a drop of clotted blood and mud that have turned into a sour grape...a bad wine, and there is no final, last dinner to participate in...

You've had your fill, you filled your stomachs till you burst, and others had their stomachs burst with nothingness....bloated with nothingness...God is very, very, fed up with you.

He is tired of your eternal quest for the perfect lifestyle, the perfect partner, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect bank account, the perfect body, the perfect family, the perfect set of teeth...He couldn't care less about your perfect imperfections, nor about your perfect quests...

God also doesn't give a damn about your religion, believe it or not. He couldn't care less...Your crosses, your laws, your veils, your kippas, your statues, your feathers and your masks...You created them for you not for Him. He has no need for them. You do.

You are all so self-sufficient, you don't need anyone. So don't whine if He doesn't show up.

OK, that's it for today. Try not to mess up things even more while God takes a holiday from you lot. I don't blame Him/Her/It. I am not God and I need one myself.