Friday 17 February 2017

What Is, is Old School.

Bismilllah Al Rahman Al Raheem.

I am not into the new age, the new world the new "awakening" idioms and garbage.
I am old school from the East.
There is nothing to discover there is everything to rediscover.
There is nothing to search for there is everything to Unveil.
I don't know about Californian gurus, I know about Charlatans, who mince words to fit your desires and their pockets...We call them the little dajjals . The Anti Christ plural. We still have words left in the East that point to the Truth, bombs haven't managed to erase that, and it will never manage to erase that. And that deserves another chapter, specially composed for ...and inshAllah it will come about when the time is right....

These new age charlatans get to the Truth by proxy. They read books about books about books about books....and they say I got it.

There is only ONE BOOK you need, it is the KORAN. I am not talking shariah with a small s am talking Shariah with a big S. Shariah and Shar'ee share the same root.
Shar'ee means street. A street is what you take to walk on to get from a A to B. It is a Path.
A derivative from Shar'ee is Mashru'...meaning Project.
Mashru' also means legal. You say in Arabic "gher Mashr'u" meaning not legal, not legitimate, not right, not true.
A Shar'ee also means a person who judges between what is legitimate and not legitimate, between right and not right, between true and not true...that is for it's legalistic definition.

Old School basically says there is Truth and there is non Truth.  You want to walk the Path of Truth ? There are certain basic prescriptions you need to follow on that Path, sign posts if you you don't take a wrong turning on that Street. Why not take a wrong turning ? Because your intention was set to walk from A to B in the shortest distance.

By all means you can take detours, they may lead you and they may not lead you to your Destination. You may get lost, you may get confused, you may err....and that is fine too....however if your intention is set, you will be taken back to the main Path....

This is the challenge ALLAH GOD presents to you in the BOOK, the challenge and the promise.

Some err so far down the wrong street, they end up in a totally different place, they forget why they even walked that street in the first place....and some stay stuck in the detours, in the labyrinth....they take dajjals for companions....these dajjals feed their egos....and the ego goes out of control, nothing stops it, it becomes a Pharaoh. This is when Truth strikes.  Pharaoh crumbles...

Old School promises Pharaohs within and without to crumble, since they are not based on Truth.

Old School says there is only ALLAH only GOD there is no one else. All of creation submits to that Truth, except humans...GOD will take you back to Him, Her any means necessary....even if you have to go through Hell. What is not true is burned away, what is true remains.

That is the nature of Truth, Truth is. Simply.

This is It in a nutshell.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

I Write What I Want.

Haven't been writing here much because I write elsewhere. I also made ample use of twitter as a form of micro  blogging reserved for a few.

Why reserved for a few ?

Because I start with the hypothesis that the great majority are ignorant and idiots. A hypothesis that is confirmed and re-confirmed on a daily basis. So I guess that makes my hypothesis empirically valid.

Idiocy plus ignorance is a combustible mix, and a dangerous one too. Hopefully it will blow itself up.

Plus writing what I want to write is my way of letting go....a sort of dumping off the extra charges, that don't belong to me.  A way to to undress not me, but others...and maybe teach a few things here and there about the ultimate reality of things.

What audacity to claim to know the ultimate reality of things eh ? Well I do, I was given a preview. I did not invent it, this ultimate reality of things, it is already there, here.
Nor was I given special extraordinary powers , It is there for all to access. You just need a sincere heart. That is all that is required of you.

But I guess this sincere heart is the most difficult thing to attain, idiocy and ignorance are veils, shrouding hearts into great arrogance.

Anyways this is not my problem. I deliver messages that's all, by writing what I want.