Sunday 24 April 2011

A Sweet Nothing...

I can't do much about how people chose to behave, what they do or fail to do...what they say or fail to say...what they are capable of realizing or not realizing...I can in fact do sweet fuck all about it any of that. They are who they are. And I am who I am.

But I can, sure as hell, do something about how am treated. Flippant arrogance, manipulation, lies, mind games, deviousness, deliberate meanness and the rest...are not my cup of tea. Not at all.

And there is something I can do about that. Shut the door. Simply, shut the door. Leaving a sweet nothing behind...

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Up in Smoke....or so Silent Tonight.

Beautiful song from Greece.
Thanks Y.for the translation, as always...

Tonight we are - both of us - silent
Even the words have shyed away from the lips
I know - you are going to give me a kiss
and you will say to me "we will stay friends"

I don't want us to be neither friends nor enemies
I want to not remember
and not to know where you will go and who she is
I want it all to be only a dream
and when I wake up in the morning that you be there
to tell me not to be afraid.

So give me, then, our last kiss
and let's smoke a cigarette together as well
and go - don't come back to see me.

I don't want us to be neither friends nor enemies
I want to not remember
and not to know where you will go and who she is
I want it all to be only a dream
and when I wake up in the morning that you be there
to tell me not to be afraid

Sunday 17 April 2011


People, what people ?

Take the example of Issa Ibn Mariam - Jesus Son of Mary.

He dealt with "people" all the time...throughout his short lived life. He dedicated his life to people. And what did he get out of the people ? He got nothing but 12 apostles.

Out of thousands, he got 12. And after what ? After one miracle after another...

The people ridiculed him, mocked him, slurred him, demeaned him...and in the end crucified him, literally or not, it does not matter...they crucified him.

And yet, he provided one miracle after another...Why did he do that for ? Because he knew the nature of people, of that famous human race...always seeking the extraordinary that itself blocks and shuns away from. Yet seeks it, to dissolve its kufr, its lack of faith in the EVIDENT, in the OBVIOUS.

People --- a bunch of harassers, argumentative, ignorant, beggars, of Truth...awaiting miracles to dispel their chronic doubts...

That is why I never take people seriously...even though I have no miracles to show. Jesus Son of Mary, already taught me their Truth.

More On That Fucked Up Entity...

More on that fucked up entity called the Human Race...

More on that shit of a race, that has done nothing but cause endless suffering and pain, despite and in spite of its inspiration, its development, its inventions and discoveries...

A fucked up race, indeed.

I still can't get over its stupidity...truly, honestly, I can't. I must be the devil that argued with God, and told him --how is he a vicegerent when he spills so much blood and causes so much corruption ?!

In the Koran, Iblis (the devil) actually had a conversation with God. Think!

God said to Iblis - you know nothing, I know Adam...the human being.

Did God have a change of heart since ? I don't know, am not God.

But I can tell you this...if Adam had retained a sense of the sacred, we sure did lose it.

We have no sacred in our lives. $$

You can pray all you want, fast all you want, but if the SACRED is not inside your heart, your prayers and fast are all like old rags thrown back in your face.

The Sacred is sorely lacking despite the overflow of so called religious zeal, or should I call it Zealotry...

There is no sacred no more...SACRED.

Because we have all become like Iblis, not recognizing Adam's sacred nature, not recognizing our own...

Corazon Loco...

Completamente loco.

Tell me what your heart is made of and I tell you who you are.

I love this rendition of Diego El Cigala with the flamenco twist to it.

Zeryab, an Iraqi from Mosul, took the strings to Al-Andalus, in the very early middle ages, when you did not know what basic hygiene meant. Thanks to him, the Spaniards enjoyed Flamenco ...and the strings and the musical measures of "maqam" were exported thereafter to other parts of the not so civilized West.

Hence in Flamenco, I always find distant melodies, whispers, voice tones, so close to Iraqi traditional music.

Oh you, of little faith, so much we gave you, throughout history, and so much you took without acknowledging, without thanking...nay, you took even more, by force.

Garbage of "civilization".

Y yo soy loca como mi corazon...

Thursday 14 April 2011

Yamore & More...

What more can I ask for ?! My two favorites in a Duo. Salif Keita (Mali) and Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde) Instances of pure joy and beauty. Blessings...innumerable ones.

..and another one with Cesaria Evora and Ismael Lô.(Senegal)

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Can't Shake the Blues...

Caught in between artificially sweetened candies and deep muddy water --- blues.

Monday 11 April 2011

Taking for Granted...

It is so easy to take anyone for granted is it not ?
Your lover, your family, your best friend, your husband, your wife, your child...
Damn easy.
Taking for granted does not require much.
It does not require courage, honesty, bravery, fortitude...and it requires no balls either.
Taking for granted is for the weak.
Only the strong can give.

So Near to the Heart...

So near to the Heart, even though out of Sight...

The translation is not all that great, but who cares? I surely don't. Learn Arabic, I speak your language don't I ?!

Friday 8 April 2011

Say Hello to Him...

If you see him, say hello to him...please.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Just a Song.

Thank you Y for this beautiful song...

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Not Your Business...

Min Husn Al Mar' fi el Islam, an la yatadakhal fi ma la yan'ih - Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

It means -- one of the virtues of the Muslim is not to meddle/get involved with what does not (personally) concern him/her.

It means -- what you are not made privy to, stay away from. It means, if this is no concern of yours, don't stick your nose in it. It means keep away from what is not directly personally related to you or with whom you have no real relation. It means keep away from gossip, backbiting and the rest. It means keep away from snooping into other people's affairs and lives when not invited. It means having the discernment to know what concerns you and what does not concern you, what involves you and what does not involve you...

In other words, it means that you honestly ask yourself - is it really my business ? And it means to honestly reply -- if it's not my business, then it's really not my business.

Making it simple for you: You know when you hear such and such did this and that, and this and that is not even remotely related to know when you hear...x. said, y. did, z. heard...You know when you see -- so and so was with so and so, did so and so, in such and such place, and so and so was present...and then you hear from someone else that so and so did so and so, in such and such place as on and so forth...

Well to put it simply --- none of the above is your fucking business.

Instances of Beauty...

Allah is Beautiful and He loves Beauty...

Many take that hadith/ quote literally...the men in particular. Their understanding is level 1. Very few men have moved beyond level 1. In consequence very few women have moved beyond level 1, as well.

People are stuck in a standardized, homogenized, I am also tempted to say, pasteurized (like the labels you find on "lifelong milk") definitions of Beauty.

This is garbage beauty, this is not the kind of beauty am talking about.

Instances of Beauty is something your soul catches, despite yourself...despite your "ideals" of beauty, despite your "definitions" of beauty, despite what you have been fed through your worthless images, pictures, films, glossy magazines of what beauty is all about...

Your soul, not your mind, your soul...knows what beautiful means. It has always known what Beauty is all about.

Therefore, you too, when open and aware, can recognize all those unlimited instances of perfect Beauty, around and inside of you.

And that, even if they don't fit the image.

Friday 1 April 2011

"Not All Love Ends In Marriage"

'Two people from different worlds discover an impossible love, The young Bozo fisherman and the siren of the river. They could neither be seen together, nor marry. From their idyll, a proverb has grown: 'Not all love ends in marriage'. But love remains strong. The fisherman said: 'When I touch your breasts, it is not desire. It is out of love for the owner of the breasts. .., My dear Battoumanbe, not all love ends in marriage'

Singer : Habib Koité - Mali
youtube vid uploaded by chemacruzortiz