Monday 31 October 2011

Bending Out of Shape...

I think men overall, are incapable of loving a woman. When I say loving a woman - I must define words so will rephrase - Men overall are incapable of loving the Woman i.e the Feminine Principle.

Men do love women, or they think they love women, in their physicality. But men don't love The Woman.

What passes as love, is almost always another term to denote the physical use of the body - they call it Sex but it isn't really. It is the consumption of Sex. There is a difference here. I deliberately did not use the word - physical act - and deliberately used the word the physical USE of the body. (in any case I should not be too bothered clarifying my use of the language - most people are idiots anyways)

This lack or incapability of loving The Woman (as opposed to women in their purely biological dimension) is at the root cause of men's estrangement from themselves.

Instead of loving The Woman, a great deal of men prefer to "love" women, which really amounts to attempts at bending out of shape The Woman.

Bending out of shape means what ? And I shall be using much imagery here since these insights are not easily translatable into the realm of "rationality".

It means instead of swimming with, immersing in the flow, they put up dams. Instead of containing - they control. Instead of embracing, they distance. Instead of communing, they separate. Instead of reaching out, they withdraw. Instead of partaking in a sacrament, they blaspheme. Instead of opening up, they close. Instead of letting it circulate, they cut.

I am NOT talking of relationships here. I am talking of men vis à vis the Woman/Feminine principle.

This estrangement leads to emptiness, to void. Men usually fill that void up with more relations with women, with physical use of body, with even more control and separation furthering their own estrangement, their own alienation. In extreme cases which seems to be the norm today, they fill that void with wars - with the killing, the elimination of Life, or the Life principle, which is nothing but another attempt at eliminating The Woman/Feminine principle.

In fact, men are incapable of loving women. Only a very few managed but overall, despite, in spite of all this "romance" going on around, despite all the weddings, love declarations, sentimental relationships, how to find love and succeed self help theories, it is in fact a loveless desert.

I think it is fair to say that really deep down men don't love women, they just use women. the word USE here is used in the very large sense of the word. Men know what am talking about, am certain they do.

This inability to recognize the Woman in every woman, has not only led to loveless-ness but also to a more dangerous thing - the male attempts (notice I did not use Masculine here) at bending out shape The Woman /Feminine principle. And since Water can't be ultimately controlled, males have used more extreme measures that translate into the relational sphere --- violence (and its panoply of acts - rape, assault, abuse, etc...)

This male violence is in fact their own defensiveness, i.e a pathetic attempt to protect their own defenselessness vis à vis The Woman/Feminine principle.

Violence is one extreme. The other weapons are attempts at "drying out" - the desertification if - you will - of the Feminine principle.

In practice that means keeping women in a state of constant insecurity by whichever means possible. Be it material, physical, financial, emotional, sexual, psychological, moral, and even spiritual....

However, what these poor men and they are morally and spiritually poor - fail to realize - is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to either ; vacate, bend out of shape, "dry out" or eliminate the Woman/Feminine Principle.

One only needs to look at Water to understand.

Sunday 30 October 2011

On Science...

I have always been fascinated with Science...all kinds of Science.
My fascination with that subject stemmed from curiosity first, and later on from marvel and awe...
Science brought me closer to God.

And while growing up, I was told much about Western scientific achievements and I was also told that these achievements were tied to a particular style of governance. This is how the West excelled. The ones who rammed this down my mind were self loathing Arabs, in particular Lebanese Christians. They felt ashamed for being Arabs and Christians.

Many years passed since, and I must have dutifully incorporated that message - how the West is better than us...

Then I grew up and was able to form my own opinion...

I read much...and finally discovered that scientific progress/achievement is not tied to rules of governance. One does not need to be a "democrat" or live in a Western "democracy" to scientifically excel.

From my readings I realized that the most important scientific discoveries were totally unrelated to Western style of fact scientific discoveries, inventions, developments, have nothing to do with the political type of rule/system one lives under.

This for me is a very important observation.

Having been called "backward" for so many centuries, and when prompting the caller, I was ultimately referred to the realm of science, as some proof of my backwardness, of some proof that the culture I belonged to was never able to produce and compete with.

And somehow on some unconscious level, that "truism" was ingrained....

But how untrue it is...

Western democracies have nothing to do with scientific advancement.

Science and scientific discovery, inventions, existed before the advent of the West , and regardless of political style of governance.

Hence...the whole scientific argument that ties Western "development" to Science is fallacious.

Hence the whole argument that a particular style of society/ system is conducive to development is also fallacious.

If Western societies are not determined by their "technological outreach" and "scientific achievements" so what are they determined by ?

And what does it mean to be a "advanced" democracy ?

Friday 28 October 2011

Courting History...

It's been a horrid past 7 days. Horrific. So many thoughts whirling in my head - past present future...implications, consequences, messages, symbols, perceptions, ramifications, conceptions, images...

The official language is full of duplicity. People are so hung up on what they hear and read --- they hardly look at the actions. It's like a lousy romance - you keep wanting to believe what he says when you know damn well what he does...

But you call it - giving it the benefit of the doubt - another way to placate yourself, keep you in line with the official version, with the status quo.

Attempts are erasing identities - and all identity is rooted in history - is an attempt at erasing History.

I say -- attempt -- because in this whirlpool, in this avalanche of thoughts, I realized it is impossible to erase History. Not because one is superman, but because History by its very concept cannot be erased. It can be falsified, changed, re-written, but not erased.

History is a crafty mistress. She will always leave a cue, a piece of something in her that however much one wants to change it, there will always be someone else who will stumble upon this lone piece and who will be curious enough to pick it up, and back track ---walk back in time --- searching for other missing pieces...and try to reconstitute, and uncover the Truth.

Hence, my fascination with and for details...there will always be that little something that gives it away...

My conclusion with courting History is - all is never lost, even though much is gone.

Wednesday 19 October 2011


Great, I have an appointment in 3 hours, have not managed to even get 10 minutes of sleep.

I started out fine, then out of the obscurity these damned faces emerged, out of the blue...out of the black.

This particular ghost was nasty one. He was mamma's favorite. Aggressive, conceited and demanding...why the fuck did he have to show up tonight ?

I went out of my way to accommodate that prick calling himself a man. And he managed to make me feel as if I was not enough for that little piece of shit called him.
Did I learn my lesson then ? No. It took me many years later...and during those fucking years I believed him, even though he was out of the picture, I believed I was not enough.

No wonder why the son of a bitch has resurfaced tonight. I need to remember that lesson. I need not to lose sight of it.

After him, the lesson presented itself under different forms, but I guess am not very bright. I kept missing it. I did not want to learn...and that ghost out of the many others is here to remind me...

I should have told him then, straight - get the fuck out of my face. That would have been the most appropriate thing to do. I was too polite and too kind at my own expense.

I blamed the ghosts on bad luck, they were not bad luck, they were divine lessons.

Today I can say it with full assurance - GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE. That's the only way to banish the devil...

A crap culture gives birth to crap mothers who in turn give birth to crap men who become crap all serves a purpose..the purpose is to finally be able to say :

GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE - you are not welcome anymore.

Sunday 16 October 2011

It's in the Voice.

Oh boy, did his voice grip me.

I've always loved that song but discovered a newer version by this guy, and just fell in love with it. I've listened to it about 15 times already. OK I admit, his eyes are mesmerizing too. And his accent sure helps.

Patrizio Buanne - Come Prima

Thursday 13 October 2011

Finding Oneself or the Quest for Gold.

If you found yourself, it's because you searched for it, and if you searched for it, it's because you lost it along the way...

I am a believer in the hypothesis that each one has a unique mission / contribution to make. It does not have to be grand in the common understanding of the word but it's you. And whatever comes from the Authentic self is Grand.

Unearthing the Authentic Self is work. It's like digging for Gold. You need to get dirty, wet muddy, be in the waters up to your waist (even higher up)and patiently sieve...until the Authentic emerges...because it's always been there.

It's years of undoing what's been done. It's the tearing apart of false beliefs, injunctions, mental constructs/systems, fake values, fake priorities, fake images... it's the cleaning away of all the mental pollution, the mental parasites, the mental forced feeding, the means as a first step -- no longer escaping, running away...

The Quest for Gold, I found, requires walking into the Kaaba and destroying all the idols Inside.

You'll know when you've found it, because everything will become effortlessly aligned. You'll know when you've found it, because it will feel like Home.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

A Fake Democracy.

Social media (facebook, twitter, and all the rest of the crap )is one of the shittiest things I have ever come across.

It gives you the illusion that everyone is weighty in its own right. Fuck that shit 3/4 of the people out there are fucking garbage. Oh sure they have opinions, so does my cat. My cat has an opinion too.

Most are either students and about to graduate, young, stupid, ignorant oh but they talk with such assurance and they know shit...they fucking know nothing.

And malgré soi, you are caught in this game of ignorance...trying to disprove fucking riff raff.

Who are these people ? what are their experiences ? what are their credentials ? no one knows...

But it is assumed that we ought to believe fucking titles like -- am so and so and am an intellectual. Intellectual of what you piece of crap ?! you can't even spell properly !

Or, am so and so and am an activist for such and such cause - you are no fucking activist, you are either on some payroll or you're there to fucking blow your own horn.

Maybe am getting too old for that kind of fucking crap and maybe that's not a bad thing either.

Sunday 9 October 2011

Sakina & Sukut

Have always been fascinated by this Arabic Word - Sakina (whose Hebrew equivalent is Shekhinah).

As you know, for me words are road maps. So Sakina is no exception.

Sakina the noun means "Peace and Tranquility", a DESCENDED peace and tranquility is derived from the verb SAKANA.

Sakana : verb and Yaskoon (the act of) means to Dwell, to Reside in.

Sakan : noun - means a Home.(also called Maskan) (Bayt is House not Home)

Sukoon : besides being a grammatical consonant placed after vowel to "mute it", it also means a Peaceful Silence.

Saken : the adjective - means quiet, peaceful, tranquil.

and Maskeen - understood as a "poor/naive/gullible/meek" person, is also derived from Saken.

Interestingly the verb to be silent is Sakata.

You can see the same etymological roots there between Sakana and Sakata.

Sakata : verb - the act of being silent
Sakkata : verb - to silence someone
Saket : adjective - to be silent
Sukut : noun - Silence

I am not sure why I wrote that, but am sure it will be clearer by tomorrow.
Will continue insha'Allah.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Dream Away...

Nice thing about Dreams is that you can dream in any language you want...nice thing about dreams, no one is there to censor you, control you, coerce you, force you...Dreams are your absolute sacred space that absolutely no one can tarnish, pollute, deface, or reach...

Dreams is where the Future happens in the Present. So Dream Away...

Beautifully pure, limpid, no Westernized make believe nonsense, rendition by Angelique Kidjo.

I got Dreams --- to remember.