Tuesday 26 October 2010

Censorship Rap.

I keep ranting...what the fuck ? This is my space and I can rant, rave, rap as much as I like.

Don't tell I have to be censored at home, in my country, in my exile, be politically correct and not allowed to rant...

At every corner I turn, I see a Sheikh, a Mullah, a soldier and a politically correct cunt trying to censor me...a liberal, an Islamist, a feminist, a republican, a democrat, a progressive, a race relation coordinator, an Arab, a Jew, a Christian....all - want you to say what they like to hear.

Fuck them all. I got my story on each...I got my story to tell.

Oh and I don't like anally retentive folks either...just fucking add them to my list.

These motherfuckers spring out of nowhere...don't say this, don't say that, be this, be that...
Kess emkon ala em abokon, Get the fuck out of my space.

Friday 22 October 2010


Really, truly, the most dumb people I have ever come across in my 40 + years, are the Americans.

It never fails to baffle me how much congenital stupidity a "people" can contain. Honestly, am not trying to be nasty, mean or anything like that...even though I have every good reason to be...

But really, I mean really...Americans are such a fucking stupid lot.

It's pathetic.

My only "worry" not sure it's the right term - is that Arabs living in America are becoming even dumber than the locals.

For me that's an Armageddon - the Apocalypse.

We're nearly there.

No, we're actually there.

Monday 18 October 2010


Did you notice something ? Everyone is trying to tell you how to be.

New age Gurus, swamis, priests, sheikhs, therapists, politicians, fashion designers, weight watchers, advertisers, school teachers, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, bosses, governments, doctors, lawyers, your tradition, your culture, your nation, your...the whole fucking works...

Everyone is telling you how to be...and like a good girl and a good boy you do what you're told...even when rebelling or having the illusions of rebelling, you're still doing the exact opposite of what you're told - hence asserting what you're told.

Too fucking boring.

You're still a yo yo, you're still a puppet, you're still someone else's...injunctions.

Throw that damn package aside and take time and think...contemplate...redefine...re-engineer...reconstruct...who you want to become...who you want to truly be.

Saturday 9 October 2010

Pillows and Keyboard...

I have been trying to sleep for the past hour and a half to no avail. I remember what Walid once told me, he said : if you can't fall asleep in the first 15 mn, get out of bed. I dragged it on a little longer than 15 mn. I went for 45 mn and now am here, exchanged my pillow for my keyboard.

Walid added that day : get married, that will put you to sleep. I laughed and replied - or maybe exacerbate my insomnia.

I am not sure if he meant it in a positive way or not. Knowing Walid, he probably meant you'll be so bored, you're sure to fall asleep with no hassle...the famous " not tonight darling - I have a headache " kind of sleepy boredom.

Well, I really don't know if a shared pillow works better than a sleeping pill or not...probably not. Let's face it, most guys in their 40's and 50's snore...so I'd be getting a double whammy - sleepy boredom and inability to snooze because of snoring symphonies - in my ear and down my neck...

Mind you I can always opt for chambre à part - that would be the most civilized thing to do. Each one will have his own sleeping quarters and we'll meet in the courtyard or something...where a bell, a dingy little clochette will be conveniently placed -- ding ding, time for a quickie dear.

Seriously, I need to look at this whole thing positively, I'd still get to keep my keyboard in my own bed.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Autumn...Fall...Falling Leaves.

I love Autumn. They say leaves die in red and gold, so we can enjoy their beauty...

So to celebrate the beauty of Autumn and the love that has been gathered like dead leaves...I am going to post some of my favorite versions of Autumn Leaves or Feuilles Mortes. The Original text is based on a French poem by Prevert.

I would have loved to upload all the videos here, am greedy, holding on to Falling Leaves, but I can't do that...I simply have to let them go...

There is no chronological order of preferences - each leaf is beautiful in itself...(almost always).

Autumn Leaves, Falling Leaves, Feuilles Mortes.

Edith Piaf ( France - Eternal Love)

Yves Montand (France - Masculine Love)

Juliette Greco (France- Love Fatale)

Françoise Hardy (France- Minimalistic Love)

Patricia Kaas (France - Yearning Love)

Dalida (Italy, Egypt, France - Sultry Love)

Andrea Bocelli (Italy - Exuberant Love)

Enrique Guzman ( Venezuela/Mexico - Sentimental Love)

Paschalis  (Greece - Philosophical Love)

Nana Mouskouri  (Greece/France - Proper/Clean Love)

Fairuz  (Lebanon - Mythical Love)

Ilham Al-Madfai (Iraq -  Destroyed Forgotten Love )

Tony Kaldas (Egypt/Lebanon - Lost Promised Love)

Warda Al-Jazeaeria (Algeria/Egypt - Warm Love)

Melis Bilen  (Turkey - Idealized Love)

Helena Velikanova  (USSR - Red Nostalgic Love)

Vigdis Wisur  (Norway - Timid Love)

Shiina Ringo (Japan - Measured Love)

Tom Jones ( England - Predator Love)

Joan Baez (USA- Limpid Love)

Eva Cassidy (USA- Broken Hearted Love)

Doris Day (USA - Naive Love)

Grace Jones (USA/Jamaica - Unconventional Love)

Iggy Pop (USA - Hard/Soft Punk Love)

Nat King Cole (USA - Hopeful Love)

John Mathis (USA - Unrecognized Love)

Frank Sinatra (USA - Illusory Love)

Pat Boone (USA - Limp Love)

Barbara Streisand (USA - Constipated Love)

Sarah Vaughan (USA - Wild Love)

Cannonball Adderley with Miles Davis (USA - Magical Jazzy Love)

Chet Baker with Paul Desmond (USA - No Nonsense Love)

Keith Jarret  (USA - Sophisticated Love)

Bill Evans Trio  (USA - Pragmatic,Punctual  Love)

Oscar Peterson & Dizzy Gillespie (Canada/USA - Suave, Rich Love)

Stan Getz (Brazil - Smooth Sensual Love)

As autumns leaves begin to fall.........

A special Thanks to my Twitter fellows, who helped me pick a few leaves on the way...

Friday 1 October 2010

Thought of the Day 1.10.2010

Times flies...literally.

I can't believe it's already October. In a few months, a New Year...a blink of an eye.

It's kind of strange - when I was in my teens, I felt time to move so slow, and now I can't catch up with it...

I find myself in a bind - if I hurry my steps, I might not enjoy it and if I don't, it might pass me by....

The ideal situation would be to freeze it -- short of that, I guess I will just stop thinking of about it.