Wednesday 25 December 2013

Impotent Males

I can instantly recognize an impotent male. There is something in my radar that tells me so. The bigger his male bravado, the more I know he is lacking on that front...I don't know how I know, I just know.

It is not that I hold it against him, after all, penile disfunction is like a disease. However I may want to point out the numerous ways in which he contributes to that illness...the proverbial limp dick.

On the one hand one can see it as the hand of God...meaning, you misuse your dick long enough literally or figuratively, it will backfire on your head ---you will ultimately turn into a dickhead since your head is no longer working nor your you make up for it by being a dick head.

The other possibility is that you are so fucking insecure ---you know, years of comparing yourself to other dicks coupled with many hours of watching porn and bam...that little thing has gone dead. Can't blame it really, again you misused it and it has gone on strike.

The third possibility is that you got rejected so many times, possibly with very good reason because you are a dickhead, like born a dickhead...and your actual dick is just following suite, rejecting you in turn.

Now you get to choose which one applies and keep me posted.


Wednesday 27 November 2013

Am a Believer...

Am a believer, but not what you believe in...

I tell you what I believe in...

I believe in a Supra Power that created you and me...but if you try to take over me, then I will take you over you if necessary. It's that fucking simple.

If you see me eye to eye...then that's fair and we can disagree.

But if you see me from above and you are a mortal like myself, then I will fucking take you down, by all means necessary or by all necessary means...

I hope am clear.

PS : Trust me, I have MY OWN means to do so...I have not been in the Wilderness for nothing. 

Monday 25 November 2013

Castrating Bitch.

Am often called a "castrating bitch". Oh dear me, I wonder why ?

I mean after all, men have really lived up to the image they gave of themselves. Who would want to castrate such tender protective beings ?

Who would dare unveil this famous potent savior of a knight ? Who would want to ruffle this fossilized caveman out of his narcissistic stupor ?

After all, the phallus, that great weaponry of the centuries is at stake...we surely can't touch that, or can we ?


I love messing with you wipe that keyboard.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Spineless Thieves...

A thief is always a goes hand in hand...a mediocre thug...and mediocre is almost always spineless...

I closed down both my poetry and fiction blogs.

I received a notice from informing that they took down one of MY POEMS after receiving notification that this poem of MINE, is infringing on copyrights other words the one who has accused me of stealing his/her poem has ACTUALLY STOLEN MINE.

So I have shut both blogs...and you know what I am quite happy about it....and you know why ?

Because you copying, cheap, mediocre, plagiarizing, spineless, cowardly, mediocre thieves are not worth a word of mine...

My words shall be reserved for those that merit them....and none of you eunuchs qualify.