Wednesday 21 September 2011


Lukewarm is for cowards, lukewarm is for those who want to taste the river, but only venture one foot in...lukewarm is not for warriors, is not for poets, is not for saints, nor for prophets...

Love demands it all, all of you ; your time, your attention, your energy, your thoughts, your being...

Wait a second here, am not talking about romantic love, because I know most of you will immediately think - romance.

Romance is only one gate, one level, the most basic. It is the beginning of the story, the end is not in romance, it's somewhere else.

Besides most men (and women) are so corrupt inside, they hardly deserve that kind of need to get ambitious and move beyond...way beyond, away from lukewarm into boiling hot...

Sunday 18 September 2011

A Gnat...

Most people have the attention span of a gnat. No seriously, very seriously.
This is particularly relevant for bloggers who think they are trying to make a difference.
You will only captivate those idiots if you blog about sex and more sex or something food, but really you're better off with sex, only then will you have their undivided attention.
Anything else, bores them, or they suddenly lose concentration, or it's too difficult for them to absorb, to comprehend...
Sorry to tell you, you've had high expectations from your fellow men, keep that those expectations for your philosophy books.
As far as Real is concerned, give them what titillates them most - between their legs.
Short of that, good luck.
Mind you, you can always sex sugar coat it.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Good Girl...

Oh here's the good girl, the one that doesn't rock the boat, the one who submits to the status quo, the one who is ever so grateful for being accepted as a girl, the one who praises boys and men, the one who...

Who's that girl ?

That girl who doesn't raise her voice, that girl who keeps her legs tightly crossed, that girl who becomes the woman who will carry a torch too heavy for you fuckers to even lift...

Who's that girl ?

The one who caters, the one who listens, the one who obeys, the one who gives, the one who turns the other cheek...the one ...

Where is she today ?

In which brothel ? in which home for the battered ? in which prison ? in which mental asylum ? in which hospital? in which abyss? in which coffin ?

The good girl...that was grateful to be kept alive.

the good girl...

the good girl...

Thursday 8 September 2011

Leap & Plunge

There comes a turning point, or let's say a crucial moment in someone's life where s/he is presented with two options. Either remain in the constructed edifice or take a leap and plunge into the unknown.

It may at first, look like a choice between course A and B but upon closer scrutiny it's really not.

The familiar, the habitual, the pattern, the script has kept you stuck in a rut --- stagnating.

Stagnation is not imminent death, it's an impending death, at some point...close.

Leaping and taking that plunge is a total risk...but then what have you got to lose ?

In the first, lies a slow agony, in the second may lie your liberation.

It's really up to you --- but you really have no choice.

Friday 2 September 2011


I never understood why they hated the word - Allah.

One American leftist wrote to me saying : and your asses up in the air invoking Allah

I want to tell that "leftist American" piece of shit - that my "ass" is in the air 5 times a day....and that my "ass" is cleaner than her face.

I can face Allah...with all my imperfections, with "my ass in the air" . I derive strength, freedom, space, liberty....with "my ass up in the air"...

I am here, kicking by the will of the Almighty...and she is there, a beggar...

Allah that you despise so much, gave me freedom from you.

So fuck you and fuck your thoughts...I am free and you are beggars on my blog.

Shocked ?

Are you daily shocked ?¨

I don't know who you are but am assuming you are some level headed person with some common sense, and some humanity left.

If you are not shocked on a daily basis, there is something very wrong with you. You have lost the Essential.

If you are not jolted out of your socks daily by what's happening in the world, in particular in this part of the world, then I might as well recite the Fatiha on you, the prayer for the dead.

Aren't these happenings supposed to wake you up ? Is that not why they keep happening over and over again ?

What good are your prayers, your supplications, your meditations if they don't wake you up ? They and you are totally useless.

However much we try to avoid it, we are part of the Whole and the Whole is part of us. However much we avoid it, we are inter-dependent, we live off each other. Parasites only live off other people, but am assuming you are not a parasite.

I assume much, because secretly I harbor Hope...

Keeping hope in the face of daily horror shocks is the first act of Resistance.