Saturday 30 August 2008

In a Lover's Lap.

I have often seriously wondered if Love is ever possible under Occupation.
I mean, just ponder on the word Occupation. Take your time, am in no hurry, we have Time on our side...all of it.

I am sure you have heard the following expression - He/She is too occupied to love.

So tell me, is Love possible when one is so occupied ? Can the heart find that vital vacant, empty space to beat that extra beat ? Does an occupation occupy the Heart too ?

I personally feel very occupied. Invaded and occupied. Whatever passion I had has turned into a refined hateful anger... A well polished one. And oh, so necessary !

People think that they insult me when they call me "hateful." They prefer at best, gratitude and at worst indifference, less intimidating, I suppose.

But hey, you have your lot of grateful ones playing jesters for you. And another lot of indifferent ones whose worlds revolve around their pockets and belly. You own them. Surely you can't own it all.

I am making certain that you will never own my hatred. Hateful - I am, and you are constantly ensuring its legitimacy, transforming it into a Higher Law. An 11th commandment - Thou shall hate your occupier with all your heart.

Some argue that "hate" is consuming me. Of course it is, and what a beautiful, blissful feeling it gives me. A smooth, velvety, unhampered, raging fire that moves me, unceasingly so...until your presence is no longer.

But am no fool, this wonderful gift is to be used wisely -- context and timing. But then I always need to remind myself that Time is on our side. All the time in the world. And Context is our play field. We choose the best time to efficiently "hate" you.

So after all, it may be that " Hate" is nothing but a true Love, under Occupation.

Things are never what they appear to be. Is that not so ?

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Wasmaa Al-Agha.