Wednesday 11 February 2009

On Immobility

Was watching a program the other day, more of a discussion as to whether Saudi Women should be allowed to drive cars or not.

Some idiot, representing Saudi Human rights was arguing that this "move" should be done gradually. When asked why - he responded that some national census showed that over 70% of Saudi society were against females driving and that one should go with the flow and take baby steps in change, a little at a time like maybe a 100 years down the line...

Mind you in democratically occupied Iraq, women at some point, stopped driving too. It is only a few months ago that they dared venture in their cars again, but even then, they feel safer being accompanied by a male. Iraq has turned into a Shiite Saudi state !

Of course the sectarian Shias with their turbans who RULE Iraq, the "habarbashieh" as we call them and the "shroogs", as well as the "religious" ones, share a common trait - a deep misogyny of women. The more they clad them, segregate them, immobilize them, the better.

So has Iraq turned into a Shiite Iranian state with a Saudi flavor? I suppose so.

I have a solution for all the women in both Saudi Arabia and Iraq who dare not drive.

A radical solution that will solve it once and for all.

Ride MALE donkeys. And you don't need a Fatwa - religious decree, for it either.

I am absolutely sure there is no shortage of them at all - male donkeys, that is.

But a short Nota Bene to the Iraqi sisters, make sure you get your clearance from the Shiite Hawza first, unless you want to end up floating - dead in some river, like some of your female predecessors. Now, that would be real, total Immobility -- exactly where they want you.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Sawsan El-Sheikhly