Monday 4 May 2009

On Censorship.

Freedom House - some NGO in charge of monitoring Freedom of Speech and Expression with regards to Journalism came up with its latest report.

Freedom House - where is Freedom House because am looking for one myself...

I need a Freedom House and am no Journalist. I'm just a blogger who finds herself censoring herself inner censor. But then that is a long story, will not bore you with it. But it bores bores me not to be able to say it pointing the finger in a court room and shout - Yes that's him alright.

The inner censor happens to be the judge, the jury and the verdict...

Freedom House remarked in its report that the worst cases for Journalistic censorship in the Middle East are : Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Iran...These are the ones I retained, because my inner censor would not let me remember more names...

Oddly enough and maybe it is not so odd, Iraq was not listed in the Freedom House report. There was a small paragraph saying that the situation in Iraq has improved in as far as Journalists are concerned - they don't murder them anymore.


I want to ask Freedom House how much Freedom is there under Occupation ?
Maybe Freedom House needs to read about what it's like to live under Occupation.

Occupation idiots !

Read O.C.C.U.P.A.T.I.O.N.

Do you know what the fucking word means ? Why are you censoring it now ?

My inner censor is a bastard son of a bitch but what about yours ?