Saturday 3 December 2011

Hell & Heaven

Have you ever been to Hell ? I am sure some of you have. I am also sure some of you have lived in Hell for some time. Could have been days, maybe months, maybe years...and maybe some of you are living it right now.

Only someone who has been to Hell and back, will identify, will understand...the others won't. And that's just the way it is.

Hell is not just a place, it is a place with different levels, different intensities...Whatever burns you is from Hell, and whatever soothes you is from Heaven.

Who burned you here on Earth and who soothed you ? These were your heavens and your hells.

In turn how many did you burn and how many did you soothe ? Did you make it a hell for your fellow men or did you try to make it a heaven ?

Did you divide, separate or did you unite ? Did you strive forth or did you withhold ? Did you give or did you just take ? Did you bring Truth and Love to your relationships or did you just recline in Arrogance ?

These are the Questions to ask...these are the only Questions that matter.

No one is asking you to be perfect, but do try to make it a small Heaven for others - a safe haven when the rest are making it a Hell.