Monday, 1 August 2016

One Day A Year

I have this secret wish, that at least one day a year I do not have to/be able to

- answer calls and not even hear the phone ring
- answer messages, whatsapp, emails viber
- wake up at a particular hour
- hear alarm bells
- see anyone - i mean NO ONE
- sleep when I want
- eat when I want
- laze around in total sloth
- no lists pending to be executed
- no letters, reports, to write
- zero demands, zero requests, zero expectations
- hear anyone complain about anything
- answer tweets
- clean, wash, wipe, dust
- answer any obligation visible or invisible - nothing, nada
- say to myself oh shit it's 3 pm oh shit it's 9 am, oh shit it's 5 pm, oh shit it's 2 am
- hear : don't be late, so and so is coming
- hear myself say : better be up to it you have an appointment today and tomorrow and the day after
- rush through coffee breaks because of appointments
- worry about bills getting paid on time
- worry about having enough money to pay bills on time
- bump into anyone by "coincidence"
- hear "Layla don't forget"
- hear any noise, like ANY noise , not even a buzzing mosquito

One day a year of total dis-engagement from the world, like Total, even in my Head...not for 15 mn not for 2 hours but for 24 hours solid.

One day a year I do not have to hear those words loudly or silently : you must you should you have to, you could...

One day a year when the words but / if only  -- are totally erased  from of any vocabulary, loudly or silently pronounced.

One day a year when I can say fuck you to the whole world, to their expectations, demands, obligations, duties, to what is said to what is not said, one day a year ....

One day a year where I can forget where I am from, my origins, my color, my race, my nationality, my religion, my sex, my looks, my body, my brains and my heart.

One day a year where it pleasantly stops, not death like stop, but pleasantly stops, like sitting by a river and the river don't stop but I stop, and just watch it take me gently away,  transport me like on a rocking chair, a cradle, a crib....

One day a year...just one day a year when I can say Fuck It to all of it.