Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I Write What I Want.

Haven't been writing here much because I write elsewhere. I also made ample use of twitter as a form of micro  blogging reserved for a few.

Why reserved for a few ?

Because I start with the hypothesis that the great majority are ignorant and idiots. A hypothesis that is confirmed and re-confirmed on a daily basis. So I guess that makes my hypothesis empirically valid.

Idiocy plus ignorance is a combustible mix, and a dangerous one too. Hopefully it will blow itself up.

Plus writing what I want to write is my way of letting go....a sort of dumping off the extra charges, that don't belong to me.  A way to to undress not me, but others...and maybe teach a few things here and there about the ultimate reality of things.

What audacity to claim to know the ultimate reality of things eh ? Well I do, I was given a preview. I did not invent it, this ultimate reality of things, it is already there, here.
Nor was I given special extraordinary powers , It is there for all to access. You just need a sincere heart. That is all that is required of you.

But I guess this sincere heart is the most difficult thing to attain, idiocy and ignorance are veils, shrouding hearts into great arrogance.

Anyways this is not my problem. I deliver messages that's all, by writing what I want.