Saturday, 26 September 2009


There is much I want to write about, but I am tired and my thoughts are dispersed all over the place, just like my lodgings. A mess. I like to see it as a manageable chaos or an intelligent chaos. Who was it that said that in chaos lies some form of genius ?

I can't remember...Could have not been too impressed when I read the above.

I want to write about Ghaddafi's speech at the UN which I think is important, despite its burlesque character...

I want to write about Zebari's - Kurdish Iraqi Foreign Minister interview on Al Jazeera, which holds equally important information.

I also want to write about something totally unrelated - reckless driving, and how the way a people drive reflects their civic/civil manners or lack thereof. I want to write my angst about not being to cross a fucking street without uttering the Shahada before. Shahada is the testimony of the Muslim Faith.

I want to write about the "dérives" - monumental gaffes/ delirious insanity of some Islamic Fatwas regarding women.

I want to write but I only have 2 hands, 10 fingers...and am dispersed all over the place...I think I need a break.