Saturday 17 April 2010

My Tomatoes Uplifting Song.

I am sticking to my policy - I don't listen to English/American songs no more...for now at least.

I find it sad that only these Western singers get any real publicity and they are not necessarily very talented either....and most of the time the actual music is CRAP.

Hence this video. I like Yara, she's talented and has a beautiful voice. I may not be too crazy about the video itself...and the tomatoes...well if you want to know what the story behind the tomatoes is, you need to check the comments on youtube...

Onions, tomatoes...what the fuck is going on here ? LOL. What a salad !

 But I REALLY like this song. It uplifts's called - Do not care (about what others think/say)

Translation  by Angelius slightly rectified by Moi.

Don't you worry, no matter how long the wait is,
Tomorrow will come, and I will be yours forever.
I swear to you, it does not matter to me,
Without you, my heart cannot tell the difference between ice and fire.
Let the world know who my heart chose,
You, you....
Let everyone see how we sing through the night. 

Your love made me lost for words, I don't want to remember anyone else.
The matter is now public. So let all hear and know
I am telling you from today onwards -- my days are yours, 
I want no one else.