Sunday 11 July 2010

Broken Pieces...& Freedom

Just discovered this new Greek Band called Children of the Revolution. This track is called Broken Pieces or Ragizi Apopse from their album/CD --Life, Love and Guantanamo Bay.

I don't understand Greek, if anyone can translate just little bits from the Broken Pieces I would be most grateful.

I love you Greece.

Below --another great fusion song by the same group with Balkan, Greek and Middle Eastern tunes called Eleftheria meaning Freedom.

I love that song but frankly I don't care much for the American troops,as the lead singer said his heart goes out to them --- there is a Genocide going on in Iraq, and American and English nuclear waste is running in our bloodstream...mixed with our blood...this is how the American troops won our hearts and minds...

But I shall retain the original lyrics away from the American Greek bullshit introduction - I shall retain

I don't want to live in Darkness, I will never die in Chains...

There is no Peace without Justice. Get it !