Tuesday 26 October 2010

Censorship Rap.

I keep ranting...what the fuck ? This is my space and I can rant, rave, rap as much as I like.

Don't tell I have to be censored at home, in my country, in my exile, be politically correct and not allowed to rant...

At every corner I turn, I see a Sheikh, a Mullah, a soldier and a politically correct cunt trying to censor me...a liberal, an Islamist, a feminist, a republican, a democrat, a progressive, a race relation coordinator, an Arab, a Jew, a Christian....all - want you to say what they like to hear.

Fuck them all. I got my story on each...I got my story to tell.

Oh and I don't like anally retentive folks either...just fucking add them to my list.

These motherfuckers spring out of nowhere...don't say this, don't say that, be this, be that...
Kess emkon ala em abokon, Get the fuck out of my space.