Saturday 9 October 2010

Pillows and Keyboard...

I have been trying to sleep for the past hour and a half to no avail. I remember what Walid once told me, he said : if you can't fall asleep in the first 15 mn, get out of bed. I dragged it on a little longer than 15 mn. I went for 45 mn and now am here, exchanged my pillow for my keyboard.

Walid added that day : get married, that will put you to sleep. I laughed and replied - or maybe exacerbate my insomnia.

I am not sure if he meant it in a positive way or not. Knowing Walid, he probably meant you'll be so bored, you're sure to fall asleep with no hassle...the famous " not tonight darling - I have a headache " kind of sleepy boredom.

Well, I really don't know if a shared pillow works better than a sleeping pill or not...probably not. Let's face it, most guys in their 40's and 50's I'd be getting a double whammy - sleepy boredom and inability to snooze because of snoring symphonies - in my ear and down my neck...

Mind you I can always opt for chambre à part - that would be the most civilized thing to do. Each one will have his own sleeping quarters and we'll meet in the courtyard or something...where a bell, a dingy little clochette will be conveniently placed -- ding ding, time for a quickie dear.

Seriously, I need to look at this whole thing positively, I'd still get to keep my keyboard in my own bed.