Friday, 2 September 2011

Shocked ?

Are you daily shocked ?¨

I don't know who you are but am assuming you are some level headed person with some common sense, and some humanity left.

If you are not shocked on a daily basis, there is something very wrong with you. You have lost the Essential.

If you are not jolted out of your socks daily by what's happening in the world, in particular in this part of the world, then I might as well recite the Fatiha on you, the prayer for the dead.

Aren't these happenings supposed to wake you up ? Is that not why they keep happening over and over again ?

What good are your prayers, your supplications, your meditations if they don't wake you up ? They and you are totally useless.

However much we try to avoid it, we are part of the Whole and the Whole is part of us. However much we avoid it, we are inter-dependent, we live off each other. Parasites only live off other people, but am assuming you are not a parasite.

I assume much, because secretly I harbor Hope...

Keeping hope in the face of daily horror shocks is the first act of Resistance.