Wednesday 9 November 2011

Tribal Gods

Our Eastern societies, including the Arabic ones are ruthless towards a certain category of women - single, unmarried, childless, divorced - but if you are a divorcee and have children you're a little better off - but still - a nuisance.
These women are considered a burdensome nuisance, a thorn in the collective psyche, an abnormality of nature, a cultural pariah.

If God forbid, a woman falls pregnant out of wedlock, and she insists on the pregnancy even though the father doesn't want to recognize the child, hence not marry her - then this woman is finished. If she is not physically assassinated she is morally and psychologically assassinated. She is buried alive one way or another.

It is assumed if a woman falls pregnant then she is to marry the man who got her pregnant - it is her responsibility at least to save face - and if the man refuses, or disappears, or whatever reason, then all the responsibility falls upon her shoulders - she is the sole one to be blamed and the sole one to be severely punished.  Hence all the backstreet abortions, where the women are butchered,  the infants left at the doorsteps of strangers in the middle of the night, and infants left in garbage dumps - I know so because I have seen with my own two eyes.

The bastard mother and the bastard child. The filthy female fornicator and the offspring of shame.

Of course in such a cultural framework, it is best to get married even to a dog, but what if this does not happen for one reason or another  - the woman becomes his-story.

Another victim of tribal gods who idealize motherhood, frown upon childlessness yet ruthlessly chastises an unmarried mother, another  victim of tribal gods that hate women with vengeance and are lax with men, another victim of tribal gods who insist on paternity yet do nothing to make men responsible in sharing the burdens of errors, another victim of tribal gods where men's sexual desires are considered normal and women's desire the hallmarks of Satan. The tribal gods of family, society and a deformed religion in which its judgemental  representatives are incapable of understanding, mercy and compassion.

The story doesn't stop here, it goes way deeper but I shall stop here for today.