Monday 31 October 2011

Bending Out of Shape...

I think men overall, are incapable of loving a woman. When I say loving a woman - I must define words so will rephrase - Men overall are incapable of loving the Woman i.e the Feminine Principle.

Men do love women, or they think they love women, in their physicality. But men don't love The Woman.

What passes as love, is almost always another term to denote the physical use of the body - they call it Sex but it isn't really. It is the consumption of Sex. There is a difference here. I deliberately did not use the word - physical act - and deliberately used the word the physical USE of the body. (in any case I should not be too bothered clarifying my use of the language - most people are idiots anyways)

This lack or incapability of loving The Woman (as opposed to women in their purely biological dimension) is at the root cause of men's estrangement from themselves.

Instead of loving The Woman, a great deal of men prefer to "love" women, which really amounts to attempts at bending out of shape The Woman.

Bending out of shape means what ? And I shall be using much imagery here since these insights are not easily translatable into the realm of "rationality".

It means instead of swimming with, immersing in the flow, they put up dams. Instead of containing - they control. Instead of embracing, they distance. Instead of communing, they separate. Instead of reaching out, they withdraw. Instead of partaking in a sacrament, they blaspheme. Instead of opening up, they close. Instead of letting it circulate, they cut.

I am NOT talking of relationships here. I am talking of men vis à vis the Woman/Feminine principle.

This estrangement leads to emptiness, to void. Men usually fill that void up with more relations with women, with physical use of body, with even more control and separation furthering their own estrangement, their own alienation. In extreme cases which seems to be the norm today, they fill that void with wars - with the killing, the elimination of Life, or the Life principle, which is nothing but another attempt at eliminating The Woman/Feminine principle.

In fact, men are incapable of loving women. Only a very few managed but overall, despite, in spite of all this "romance" going on around, despite all the weddings, love declarations, sentimental relationships, how to find love and succeed self help theories, it is in fact a loveless desert.

I think it is fair to say that really deep down men don't love women, they just use women. the word USE here is used in the very large sense of the word. Men know what am talking about, am certain they do.

This inability to recognize the Woman in every woman, has not only led to loveless-ness but also to a more dangerous thing - the male attempts (notice I did not use Masculine here) at bending out shape The Woman /Feminine principle. And since Water can't be ultimately controlled, males have used more extreme measures that translate into the relational sphere --- violence (and its panoply of acts - rape, assault, abuse, etc...)

This male violence is in fact their own defensiveness, i.e a pathetic attempt to protect their own defenselessness vis à vis The Woman/Feminine principle.

Violence is one extreme. The other weapons are attempts at "drying out" - the desertification if - you will - of the Feminine principle.

In practice that means keeping women in a state of constant insecurity by whichever means possible. Be it material, physical, financial, emotional, sexual, psychological, moral, and even spiritual....

However, what these poor men and they are morally and spiritually poor - fail to realize - is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to either ; vacate, bend out of shape, "dry out" or eliminate the Woman/Feminine Principle.

One only needs to look at Water to understand.