Saturday 31 March 2012


It may well be that I have used that title be it, am using it again.

I can't shake off that feeling of garbage, am surrounded by garbage, I breathe garbage, I touch garbage, I see garbage...and I can't take garbage no more.

I have given up changing the world of garbage, I have been taught my own limits. I can't turn the garbage into what it is not..but for fuck's sake, don't force me to live in and deal with it. I've already done so...I know the fucking garbage container by heart, I can tell you with meticulous precision what remains, rejects, will show up there...I even know the song and dance that come with the garbage ritual...the melody, the tune and the rhythm.

Please, I learned the Garbage rhyme, I know it by heart, I took pictures of it, look it's even there in my album, Please spare me the garbage of the container is already full and all I want is to recycle it.