Thursday 22 March 2012

Re-defining Sexy.

Today in between a few meetings, I took a break and walked in a shopping street...and as I was window shopping, I was thinking to myself, what do people mean by sexy ?

I know what the current, generally accepted definition of sexy is - you basically have to have a certain size, certain lips, certain smile and dress in a more or less certain way, so that people and men in particular can decide that you are sexy and therefore feel sex towards you. Tight fitting clothes for instance are today considered sexy, a certain look is sexy, pouting lips are sexy (hence the collagen frenzy), basically anything that will send a sex signal to the male brain is considered sexy...

But is that really sexy ? I mean sure it can be sexy, but once you know it, is it still sexy ? once you are aware of how it operates is it still sexy ? am not too sure.

If you are an observer of "social culture" of fashion, of media images, if you simply become aware of the prototype of what is considered sexy - my guess is that you will no longer find it sexy. Simply because the subliminal message that you've been receiving without thinking, loses its grip on you. Actually once you become aware, many things lose their grip on you.

So I continued walking, looking at window shops and thinking to myself...I have met quite a few people who did not fit the standard sexy and were sexy in their own right, just as I have met quite a few people considered to be sexy by mainstream majority opinion and I did not find them sexy at all. Mainstream sexy has become so cliché, so predictable, so well sketched out it has become risible and at times comical in a pitiful kind of way...

So what is sexy then ? aha, a million dollar question. I leave it to you to re-question and re-define it.

One thing I came out with during this one hour reflection, it was more like an insight...women who try hard to be sexy aren't sexy at all.