Thursday 1 November 2007

Detachment & Solidarity

It's quite hard finding that place for me alone.
I am thinking of moving this new blog to a far away place - an island of freedom, away from comments and expectations...
But we - this one and the other blog seemed to be stuck together like two siamese twins...One is probably the facet for the other. And vice versa.

I have been thinking quite a lot about this internet blogging business. I have doubts as to whether it can bring about any real change. It feels more like a public space for rantings, ramblings and silent cries...a space for people who have always wanted to say it and now has come the golden opportunity.

I am not only referring to politics here. I am also talking about all these other shadows that are let loose behind the safety of a monitor. The anonymous shadows that plague us in reality and have led many of us to where we are today.

Female and male shadows alike.

Interestingly, women do not fare any better when it comes to "solidarity."
A word too misused in my opinion.

I have come to the firm conviction that true solidarity both personal and collective can only come out of Love. Not principles, not ideas, not politics but Love.

Hence, women who are incapable of loving themselves, are also incapable of true female solidarity.

More on the subject of women...later.