Thursday 8 November 2007

The Enemy Within (1)

I still can't get over this "flu." Very weird indeed.

I was fine, perfectly fine then I met Luma for a drink. Two hours later, I was ill.
I am sure she gave me the bad, "Evil Eye."

She said "Oooh! You look so pretty today." She said that and did not touch wood or say Masha'Allah or anything. Am sure it's Luma's evil eye.

Mind you, when anyone compliments her, she is quick to say "touch wood" or "Mash'Allah" and adds "Ya Allah, please don't give me the evil eye, I have enough problems."

I really don't know what her problems are. She has a very good job, she is pretty, she is well off, she has tons of friends, she owns her own house, she is always travelling somewhere, she wears the best clothes, goes to the best spas, makes sure her jewelry is real and shows it... So frankly I don't see where her real existential problems lie.

And it's not like she is depressed or anything, or has lost a parent, relative, lover or friend. And it's not like she lost her country either.

She is the type of a female that asks "How are you?" and doesn't even wait for the reply. She goes on her familiar litany and creates problems when there are none. Makes her feel more important, I guess.

I told her that Iraq was a wound for me that will never heal. She brushed it off and changed the subject immediately. She didn't care what happens next door to her, she will never care. Yet she calls herself a feminist or pro women's rights.
I never really understood that.

I guess it is very fashionable to be a feminist these days. It's à la Mode in the Arab World. Most of it remains on a bullshit, blah blah, level, though.

You have these conferences, where women go to the hairdresser first and then join the feminist meeting talking about women's right. They make sure their nails are well polished, the attire correct, even if they want to look "alternative" like "cheveux dans le vent" and a thousand bangles kind of alternative...hahahaha. That's funny.

Sounds more like a coffee club to me than a feminist conference/meeting.

And then invariably they will talk about their kids - how they fared at school and what university to send them to, abroad of course or they will talk about their failed love affairs and how all men are a disgrace. I think I can relate to that last point but will not add "all" but "most".

Actually, I think they are a disgrace too. So fucking petty, one could die.

Frankly, I've never felt the "warmth" of that great Sisterhood myself.

I find being around women quite boring, most of the time. And truth be told, they are way too jealous and envious of one another. That too, I never really understood.
I find that to be a total waste of time.

And of course, since am not "plugged" into that kind of "female energy", I am on the receiving end of their Evil Eyes...