Sunday, 4 May 2008

Climate & Climax...

Away from politics for a little - not really.

A curious study landed on my desktop. A study conducted by a condom manufacturer. You know, a rubber factory-- by the name of Durex.

Now, why and how did this study land in my mail box, I have no clue.
At first, I thought it was another spam/junk mail, you know the ones - drive her wild, 1 meter long, better than viagra, she wouldn't believe her eyes, make her scream all night...kind of junk mail.

But this one was no junk mail. It was a "scientific research paper." Aha, intresting I thought to myself. What stuff are they up to now, stuff we don't already know...

Now this study was about climax also known as orgasm.

I've often wondered why the word climax and climate share the same etymological root.

A culmination of some sort, I suppose...But not always and definitely not for all involved.

Tis study was made of 26'000 participants (male and female-bien entendu) from 26 countries. Unfortunately the mail didn't mention all the participant countries, but it did mention a few countries that came out in 1rst rank, or above average in their "reaching an orgasm".

But let's start with the countries below base line. France and Great Britain scored the worst and Switzerland slightly above median line.

The countries who were top of the list - Italy, Spain, Mexico and South Africa.

BUT, in ALL of the countries surveyed only 32% of women reached climax in contrast to 63% of men. Nearly double.

I am sure this study didn't include Arab countries and particularly not Iraq.
I wonder what the figures would be there, given the overall "climate"...

And did you notice something - Italy, Spain, Mexico, South Africa -- all supposedly have good weather. You know -- laid back, sunshine, less anally retentive, less emotionally constricted...etc.
But however pleasant the "climate" is, still, only 32% of the women reached an opposed to 63% of the men.

One obvious conclusion from this study is that women need to move to "warmer" climates. So do envisage a permanent move to either Italy, Spain, New Mexico or South Africa. One thing you should not do though, is move to Iraq.

(Alternatively, if you're very attached to where you're at, you may want to consider a sex change.)

However, the bad news -- there are no guarantees. Remember, in all of the countries surveyed only 32% of women reached a climax as opposed to 63% of the men.

So I guess, the old adage of "fake it until you make it" still holds true, wherever a woman happens to be...

Good luck.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Wasma'a Al-Agha