Sunday, 25 May 2008

Women and Football.

I have plenty of tidying up to do, I'd rather write instead - as usual.
I want to write about Football. Yes, Football. Don't get me wrong, am not referring to American Football, that senseless game with men dressed up like nasty robotic terminators. I am talking about real Football. Some call it soccer.

Tell you what, women are suckers for soccer. True, am not exaggerating here.

I love football. I love watching it. I am not into local leagues, but I make it a point to watch the World Cup, the European cup, the African and Asian cup. The big events. Local teams don't interest me whether they are Manchester United or Real Madrid.

So I was browsing through to see when the European cup is about to start, when I stumbled upon an interesting article. Some research paper on Women and Football.

According to this "study", data shows that there is an increase in baby boom or what they call the "foot baby boom" during such periods. Scientists who took interest in this subject matter, and I suppose it is interesting for Europeans since their birth rate is dwindling, concluded that women during these big Football events, are more turned on than usual.

Several explanations were put forward. One is that the sight of these hunks in shorts, with great legs and great butts, exposing so much Testosteronic virility (I agree) do trigger off any dormant lust in the female.

Other theories argue that the male who is enjoying the game in a relaxed fashion (no-they were not referring to hooligans here, more like Mr and Mrs Everybody sitting in front of their TV screen) and not being his usual self (a prick) is more attractive to his female partner during such times.

Whatever the explanation, Football seems to work.

I noticed that women in the Arab World enjoy watching football too. I saw that in Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. They get all very excited and start cheering, which is quite refreshing, really. Letting down one's guards in public becomes accepted in such an all-male game.

I remember once in Cairo, I was at the hairdresser having my nails done, and in Cairo as in every other Arab capital, every hairdresser has a TV. Anyway, the manicurist was watching a game and filing away...She kept pausing, scream, and resume working on my nails. I had the worst manicure ever. Not only me but all the other women who were having their hair done came out looking like characters from Adams Family. Do avoid hairdressers during football matches. Try preferably having your nails, hair, etc...done BEFORE, for according to this study, the pay offs are just wondrous.

If football players incite so much lust in women because of their exhibited virility, I am not sure military armed men have the same effect though...specially not on the women of Iraq. Different goals, I suppose.

Anyways this European study will make the fossilized American feminists cringe in horror. I am glad. They should cringe in horror being horrific themselves.

Like everything American, American women in general and American feminists in particular are a total intellectual disaster. Intellectual is not a very good word here because America is not known for any real intellectualism. In fact, American women and their feminists remind me of their own military in Baghdad - an anti-Eros, pro-Thanatos, monstrous deviants.

No wonder REAL football never really scored in the U.S of A.

Painting: Iraqi artist, R.Al-Khafaji.