Thursday, 22 May 2008

In Memory of "V"

V left us very early this morning, after a long battle with the deadly disease. She fought hard and long...She was a figthing spirit indeed. Chemo after chemo, surgery after surgery and she fought it. Fought it with smiles, with dignity, with hope and above all with faith in silence. But...
It won, taking her to more peaceful shores, ushering her to another place where there are no chekpoints and no guns, no barrages and no armed men shouting slogans, to another place with no barriers, no banners and no flags...

During her last days, it was burning in Beirut, her husband just put up tent in the hospital, he knew if he left, he would not be able to return...In the past they had stopped her and him from getting to hospital for her weekly chemo. He nearly died with anger. So did she.
He'd tell them - my wife is dying, let me go through, and they would say "mamnoo'" --forbidden.

They put up tents in the middle of town and he put up a tent by a death bed. It all amounts to the same...
Except hers was more dignified and more worthy. She fought, they just made noise.

Today she's gone, so are the tents and the checkpoints.

I was not sure what music to offer you, I finally settled for this one. In real peace you are and in real peace you shall be.

Pachelbel Canon in D Major.