Saturday 11 October 2008

I'm so excited !?

I was looking on youtube for one of my favorite songs - "I'm so excited." I like that song, it reminds me of the 80's.

The 80's compared to the 90's are really "cool" and compared to the "00's" are simply paradise. And as usual, whenever I am surfing for a song on youtube, I stop by related titles...

So I found another "so excited" by Janet Jackson (cringe) and by Jennifer Lopez (another cringe)

Janet Jackson is a fucking idiot, following in her brother's footsteps. As for J.Lopez, so cliché.

The Ass has to be this way. The Tits that way. The ho ho ho tone,this way. The legs 90 degrees angle - that way...

A standardized, homogenized, portrait of what it means to be sexy in the 21st century. So fucking predictable. Anyone, just about anyone can become a replica.

You get yourself one million dollars, find the best plastic surgeon in Hollywood and get your ass pumped...Then insure it for 3 million dollars. And voilĂ .

The standardization of beauty is akin to the Mac Finalization-Donaldization, Mickey Mickeyzation and Coca-Colazition of the world. Same package. You can always add your own dressing - Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Amy Whineyhouse, or whatever the fuck turns you on. But rest assured you are part of the package. Which makes you very, very, very standard - run of the mill type - type of Globalization.

For sexiness and beauty are also globalized. And you know it not.

You sit and swallow it all, undigested and whole, like a fucking idiot.

Here you are sitting and your senses are constantly bombarded with what is supposed to excite you and NOT what really excites you.

Mind you, you never really took the time to figure out what REALLY excites you, since you are a consumer yourself, of Excitement.

And there comes the merry-go-round, the stupidity of the average man and woman. The disasters that ensue from trying to follow that kind of a promising "excitement."

Mac Donald's, Mickey and Coca Cola and insert the picture that turns on you the most...and you become part of it. So easy.

Eat the junk, watch the junk, drink the junk and you get to fuck the junk too...but only in your head.

OK, point made. Now you think for yourselves. If you can.

Meantime, knowing am no cruel soul...having known real Westernized, homogenized, standardised, cruelty, I leave you with one of the real things from the 80's. Enabling has been disabled by request, so follow the link if you really need to.

The 80's, when life was smooth and your poison had not reached my body or soul, yet...

Oh, by the way, just like J.Lopez, I need to insure my Iraqi-Arab ass. How many Iranian Toomans ? Forget the $ Dollar, it's dwindling... And I want to keep my Arab "assets" intact, if possible...