Saturday, 29 August 2009

Endless Ramblings. 4 - Danish Cartoons.

I don't know if you have noticed it or not, but I have never written or alluded to the Danish cartoons in the past.
I am, of course, assuming that you know what the Danish cartoons are all about.
In sum, they portray the Prophet Mohammed, (Peace & Blessings upon him) as some vile, lewd, ugly, violent short, a terrorist. Another weapon in the "war against terror". And in that war against "terror", how many Muslims were ruthlessly tortured and murdered ! How many Muslims compared to Christians, Jews and others ? Millions, millions...

"Arab" "leftists" (and others) of all colors and shapes, thinking themselves to be very ideologically "cool", always use the threat of the Danish cartoons as some satirical reminder that there are more "important" issues than a set of cartoons drawn up in Denmark. What they are really telling us is - why the fuss ?

And tonight, I will tell you, hypocritical sods, why the fuss around "just cartoons."

Well you idiots, it is precisely this - cartoons making fun, mocking a crucial symbol for Muslims - their Prophet. And yes for us Muslims, the Prophet is our Qutb. Our central point of reference. Through him, we received the Message. He is the sacred recipient of the Divine Word.

Your mockery, you lowly scum, is ever so reminiscent of "orientalists" (a polite word for fucked up racist), and their description of the "Mohammedans" (as these vermin called/call us) and the Arabs, descriptions that abound in their travel biographies to the lands of the "green Crescent".

Furthermore, you hypocrites, whatever your political colors, you know damn well that since Muslims have accepted and embraced previous religions and therefore previous Prophets as all carrying the same intrinsic Divine message,and as per the Book, they would not dare publish similar crap regarding a Moses or a Jesus...

Moreover, you ideologically corrupt arrogant pieces of shits, you know damn well, that no Arab country or newspaper will ever allow the publication of cartoons mocking a prophet whose name is mentioned in the Holy Book.

Also, you hypocritical bastards, you rotten to the core foul smelling vermin, you would have jumped like a bunch of monkeys on heat, had anyone drawn a cartoon that in your putrid dictionary of politically correct horseshit would be considered "anti-semitic". Oh and how you would jump, reminding us all of the very "serious" difference between "Zionism" and "Jewishness".

Yet you pile of intellectual and political stinking garbage, have zero qualms of using the Danish cartoons to mock even further...knowing fully well, that no Muslim will stoop to your lowly level and throw similar racist, derogatory junk regarding your religions and prophets in your face.

And am not done yet...

For me you are no different from the racist, Jewish colonial settler who blasphemes and spits on Jesus and Mary...

In other words, you bastards, and you hear me right, for me you are nothing but a replica of the above, except in your cowardice, you would not dare respond in the like to some fucked up Zionist racist Jew (a bit like you really) but you would abuse the respect that Islam holds for other religions and take that as a weakness, a point of entry for your mockery in the name of "progressive, liberal" politics.

In fact you are all a copy of the Danish cartoonists. Ignorant, racist, myopic and worse of all, lecherously gleeful hypocrites and spineless cowards.