Sunday, 22 November 2009

Women and Power...

Men are terribly intimidated by powerful women and resent it deep down, because in their pea brains power is associated with the masculine alone. Faced with a powerful woman, a man always feels less of a man. This is not the woman's problem, this is his problem. If his insecurities resurface when faced with a powerful woman, again this is not her problem, it is his. You are what you need to amputate yourself.

Women have always been powerful, but they have amputated their seek the approval of men and to please them. The results have been disastrous on both a personal and collective level.

I frankly don't understand why women need the approval of men so much. What is about a guy's approval that will bless or curse you ? Fuck them. You are what you are, if he likes it fine, if he does not like it, he can go and find an idiot like himself, who will play the game...

The question is do you want to be authentic or do you want to keep on playing games, hoping to win a nod of approval? Only you can decide that.

I get very irritated with female emotional dependency. He doesn't fancy me, he doesn't like me, he stopped loving me, he's not into me...Fuck that shit.

Do you fancy him, do you love him, is he worthy of it, do you like him ...?

These are the questions you need to ask yourselves...not the other way round.

I am a Muslim, and am taught there is no God but Allah. I will not bow and prostrate to any except Allah. I will not seek the approval of any except that of Allah. I don't need the blessings except from Allah....Don't turn men into your gods.

I do realize that women have been socialized through years of bullshit that men are the center of their universe, the center of the THE universe. This is a myth. This is how power was taken away from you. You believed a lie and you perpetuate the lie your behavior, your attitude, your attire, your despondency...

End result, you become the first victims. The first victims of male power. Be it in war or in peace...but specially in war. Ask any Iraqi woman and she will tell you all about male "power" gone insane...

There are different types of power and different levels of power...but this is a blog not a thesis...I am hoping that anyone who reads this will understand subtleties and nuances...and not take words and definitions literally.

I am a firm believer in the theorem that things start on the inside...true power comes from within first, at a deep self, soul level...and then extends outwards...

As I said there are different types of power and different levels of power...

Power that seeks to destroy is not power, it is masked weakness. Power that seeks to demean, is not power, it is cowardice...power that seeks to inflict harm is not is force.

Power is one thing and force is another. Men are not powerful, they are forceful.

Force is primarily physical and it stops there. Hence women as victims of force, what ever that force is (physical force, weapons etc...) their victimization is almost always related on a first level i.e the body. This is where men exercise force...but not power.

Cumulative, unquestioned force becomes power, a low level quality of's like you have lead and gold. Lead is a low quality metal, gold is not. Get it ?

Male force manifests itself in its negative aspect as physical/sexual harassment, battering, rape...

A teacher friend of mine, is adamant at the beginning of every school year to firmly encourage female students to protect themselves physically by following self defense classes. I am all for it myself.

Brute force needs to be reckoned with brute but well directed, well channeled force. So am all for martial arts for women. I have myself taken several classes in martial arts and if you see me, you would never guess it.

Women need to defend and protect themselves....on a physical level, from men, be it fathers, brothers, husbands, lovers, or a stranger on the street.

That is one level. The basic level.

Once that is under the belt, so to speak, there is nothing more to fear...I have to distinguish here between times of war and times of peace. Obviously am talking of times of "peace"

What am trying to say is don't depend on the man to protect you, because that same man who is capable of protecting you, is also capable of using force against you.

Not terribly romantic I know, but then life is not romantic...if it were, you would not have books and songs revolving around romance. People would LIVE romance instead of writing or singing about it.

Getting back to power...

I have news for you women, you don't need to be empowered, a fashionable term these days...empowering are ALREADY powerful, and you have forgotten all about it.

Tap into it...make the EFFORT to do so....tap into your own power reservoir and use it wisely...very wisely.

Your lives will turn around, I promise you that.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki