Thursday 10 December 2009

Garbage People...

I am in misanthropic frame of mind, not that it ever left me, as a matter of fact, it is getting worse...or maybe getting better. I will not judge.

I am sick and tired of garbage people. Garbage people with garbage minds and garbage souls and garbage behavior and garbage attitudes and garbage mentality and garbage beliefs and garbage acts...Garbage, plain garbage.

I am sick and tired of people trying to play smart and swindle, lie, cheat, fabricate stories and pollute me with their souls vices and sicknesses. Pollute me because in every interaction you give and you receive and receiving garbage from people is common in this part of the world.

Contracts are never fulfilled as per the letter, promises are never kept, deals are always broken, everyone pays lip service to so called ideals but it remains just that, lip service...One can't expect garbage people to deliver the goods, how can it be ?

Everything is done in a half ass way, incomplete, lousy, bad quality, and they will find one thousand excuses --all lies why it could not have been done better or up to standard. It can be anything's as if they have signed a pact with incompetence itself.

And the lies, bloody hell the lies, the lame excuses, the justifications, the's really awful to live with, daily.

That is why I try my best to keep my dealings to a strict minimum. I really can't take the garbage anymore.

Everyone wants to make a quick buck by whatever means, even with badly done jobs, with lousy standards, and you pay exorbitant prices for NOTHING. And the mentality, fuck that mentality of tribes. They are quick to accept money from a woman but God forbid that this same woman should give orders for a job well done.

Take this example. I had to have some plumbing works done because the sewage system is so fucking obsolete and I always have problems with leaks. One day it's the toilet, one day it's the sink, one day it's the shower...and in the space of 2 weeks I called on the plumbing company 5 times to fix things they mess up. And every time they send me someone to fix something, he breaks something else in the process. So I end up calling them again and they send me someone else to fix that other thing that got messed up in the process of fixing that initial thing that was on and so forth.

And each time I have to pay and it's not cheap labour either. And they are quick to take the money from a woman but if I say to any of these morons - maybe you need to look into that instead of this - oh boy does he get offended. Because a woman is giving him orders, in that fucked up tribal garbage mentality of his. After all it is my fucking bathroom/kitchen and am paying and I want a job well done! But oh no, can't be that way with these fucking retards called men.

Even the plumber has an ego greater than the God he supposedly worships. Oh man, am so fucking fed up with this shit.

And it's not just the plumber, it's the same across the board. Be it a director, a manager, a salesman, a waiter, a grocer... they all give you garbage excuses but are quick to take the money but get really offended if you the payer tell them what they delivered is not good enough.

Take for instance another example...I bought a do it yourself piece of furniture that needs some screws/nails fitted in. I call on a carpenter to help me. There is an instruction manual. I suggest we look at it to make sure where the screws go. Oh but no, the carpenter is a fucking Einstein and refuses to look at the one page manual, that even a 5 year old can figure out, because mister's shit ego does not need instructions, he knows it all ! End result, he pierced my piece furniture with a fucking drill when all he had to do is just put the screws in the fucking designated holes. And I had to pay him shit loads of money for a one hour job, that ruined my wood. When I mentioned to him that he massacred my piece of furniture, mister dickhead got sooo offended. How dare I, a woman, who cannot use a drill tell him that what he did was totally wrong and totally stupid ?! I felt like drilling that pea brain of his.

And it's the same in every area -- plumbers, carpenters, electricians, phone company, computer store, technicians, administration...every area suffers from the same incompetence and mediocrity and there is no room for improvement because that fucking tribal male ego (and female ego by osmosis) cannot take any criticism whatsoever. But when it comes to paying, they are quick to suck up your money and you get zilch in return. Oh no, you do get something in return - GARBAGE !