Monday 14 December 2009

Earth and the Spirit of Resistance.

I need to keep writing...I let the emotions engulf me, like a swimmer facing high waves...I just go with them, go with the tide...and trust that they will lead me to the shore, to some shore...their depths is a shore too...their shore.

I noticed even in the depths, there is ground, there is land, there is Earth. Even in the abyss, there is ground, there is land, there is Earth.

One always falls onto something...Even high flying birds fall and crash on Earth...

Earth is powerful. It's a demanding Mother, forcing all to return to Her.

You belong to me, she ordains...and all follow, sooner or later...they all follow.

Earth, the great womb and the great graveyard. Amazing is it not ? It gives birth and then swallows up...

It sustains and if you mess around with Her, she messes with you. Earth is no joke.
All come back to Her, eventually...No wonder she is called Mother Earth.

Earth is the face of the Divine. You pollute it, you pollute your own self. You dirty it, you dirty your own self, you strangle it, you strangle your own self...

And from Her, power is absorbed...She infuses you with it, provided that you approach Her with reverence, with awe and with respect...She is generous, very generous.

And from Her, the spirit of Attachment an umbilical cord...She is the Mother of Attachment. And with Attachment comes Love...and Sacrifice...

And with Attachment and Love comes Resistance...Resistance is all its most noble form.

Resistance is not only about arms and fighting...oh no. Resistance IS Resilience.

It's the Spirit.

It really boils down to something very simple...And how I love simple things.

Resistance is Mother Earth calling mold you, forge you in her womb and teach you. Teach you the highest spiritual lessons. You don't need no Guru for that.

If you keep your earthly senses open, you will learn all you need to learn.