Monday 14 December 2009

On Morality...

I need to keep writing...change subjects, or go to the core of the Subject. I want to write about Morality.

I am aware that Morality has a bad reputation these days. People are more concerned about being politically correct than about being morally correct. And the two don't necessarily go together.

People equate morality with all sorts of things : Puritanism, strict upbringing, a perverted religious education, conservatism, old traditions, antiquated beliefs...etc.

And am sure each one has their own reason as to why they may be allergic to the word Morality.

Some people equate Morality with following religious scriptures and some equate Morality with politeness, and some equate Morality with abstaining from sinful behavior...

For me these are all outward manifestations of one form of Morality...a skin deep one. Necessary but limited.

I personally believe in a deeper Morality. And the way to access this deeper Morality is to ask ONESELF a very simple question - Is this (deed, act, belief...) morally correct ?

I believe the minute this question is posed to the Self, the reply is immediate.

It requires no text book, no manual and no law.