Wednesday 10 November 2010

Short of Words...

It feels as if I have not posted in ages...
Am too taken by some sectarian Shia shit who's harassing me - deliberate evil on his part for no reason...for no objective reason except maybe because I am a non Shiite Iraqi- well yeah I don't like shit nor the smell of it...that's a good enough reason I suppose.
Anyways...seen too much so far. Fucking Mercy where are you ?
Guess I've got to go through another episode of the Sunni Witch Hunt...keep the motions going until the awaited Mahdi lands...somewhere in Mesopotamia.
Do nudge me when he a chalice filled with fresh blood to offer him.

In the meantime...until...I am going to listen to songs.

I like this one, understand nothing of the words...but no matter. I understand it all.