Sunday 21 November 2010

Claustrophobia...or Hell revisited.

The classical definition of claustrophobia is - fear of closed spaces.
This is a very limited, reductionist, simplistic, skewed definition of the term.

Claustrophobia has nothing to do with closed spaces, but it has everything to do with confinement.

When you find yourselves confined you become claustrophobic.

Confined is an interesting word - for me it means being limited, bound, restrained, held within certain parameters...

For some people claustrophobia can be an actual physical place, for others the parameters imposed by a relationship and for others it can be the familiar that is imprisoning.

Bearing the above definitions in mind, I guess am claustrophobic. I do not have fear of closed space, nor do I fear relationships, but the familiarity of human interaction makes me want to take a flight...

What do I mean by familiarity of human interaction ?

I mean patterns that repeat themselves. I mean the kind of people that are too predictable in their outcome, I mean the little detail that gives away a whole picture that you know by heart, I mean the revisited hell of something you have known, I mean when your radars go up and your alarms start ringing like church bells, I mean ---hell anyone who has an iota of sensitivity knows what I mean.

So really it's not claustrophobia after's just your inner operating system that tells you --- watch out, hell is very near - again.