Saturday 26 February 2011

Cleaning Dirt from Under a Carpet.

Woke up this morning with a very powerful dream. I have to write it down so I won't forget.

I dreamt I was in a huge living room, modern looking, with colorful cushioned seats, I knew no one there, a mix of people...

I wanted to find a place to sit, but there was none. Someone suggested a seat with no back, like a huge cushion and its color was white. I had to carry it so as to bring it closer to this very modern colorful looking salon, so I can be near the crowd.

As I lifted this huge white cushion, I saw an amass of dirt underneath it. Tons of dust. I thought to myself this is so weird, this place looks so modern and colorful with all these friendly babbling people, how come all this dust ?

Then I lifted the huge carpet that was covering the floor, and I saw millions of particles of dirt, like miniscule dirty grey snow flakes covering the whole surface of this modern lodgings.

And as I kept lifting the carpet, I saw more and more of the dirt gathered in heaps...

Then I remember saying to myself in the dream -- I need to clean all of that...this must be swept, cleaned right away.

I understand what this dream means to me.

The modern colorful living room where all kinds of "friendly" babbling strangers are gathered is the social media Twitter.

And beneath all the niceties, the so-called friendliness, the modern style, the bright colors, lies heaps of dust, like grey dirty snow flakes...

Flakes, flakes....Fakes, Fake.

A Purification process.