Thursday 10 February 2011

Romance & The Facebook Generation.

I am sorry to say but I have total dislike, zero respect for the Facebook generation.

Let me qualify here. Facebook generation means the internet generation...the ones who dream, make friendships and even fuck on the internet...

This is a category of people I simply can't handle...and I shall call them the Facebook generation.

Apart from my own stereotype of a group of pimpled assholes, both males and females - there is something drastically wrong with them.

- the majority are idiots

- the majority of them think wikipedia is the answer

- the majority of them come from a culture of video clips

- the majority of them believe links to stories to be the truth, in other words, there is no hard work involved, no research, no digging up, no fucking reading - you know paper and ink reading..these pimpled assholes don't read shit.

- and then there's the pics shit---send me your pic I'll send you mine kind of contract.

The whole fucking world is thus reduced to pics and links.

But that is not the worst part. The worst part is yet to come...

The worst part is the romance part. Yeah Romance, all of you wankers have logged on at one time or another wishing it would come true.

Now the romance part is the most interesting one.

It's the Facebook generation romance.

Let me translate that to you in real terms :

You meet a dude, a 20 year old something and he's the Facebook generation.

You ask him or her- who are you friends ? he'll tell I've got 250 of them on Facebook.
You ask that poor wanker - how many of them you met in real life, he goes --- duh, dunno...
You ask that poor soul who is really there for you ? and he'll give you an emoticon for an answer.

He'll, she'll say - my best friend on Facebook...

A little older and he'll say --- I love so and so, met them online..

Did you smell them, did you see them, apart from your fucking frozen pic, did you hold them, did you look into their eyes, did you see them frown, cry, hurt, smile, laugh...did you see them ?

The answer is almost always I did not, but I know..

What the fuck do you know ? You know shit all. You don't even know how your own mind fucking ticks. Let alone megabytes away.

OK granted, some miracles happen...but give it a fucking break will you ?!

I belong to an older generation and proudly so.

We worked fucking hard. We struggled, we pained, we sacrificed, we endured, we fought, we raised men and women...only to have a pimpled asshole link us to Facebook.

In Romance, we understood the game - no pain, no gain. In other words - you want true love, you fight for it...nothing comes easy, nothing comes free of charge. You want the real thing, you battle for it.

Even innocuous dance parties were testing playgrounds. A man had to try hard to ask his woman for a dance. Nothing was a given...all had to be earned..and this is how real men are made.

It was no fucking emoticon smiley poke that did had to work for it.. WORK for it. You had to do you own little jihad, your own little warfare, your struggle...because struggle molds you into a fine human being...and you know it not.

Finally, you'd the woman, the dance, the evening, whatever it was...

A long preparation for a scent, for a perfume, for a whiff of your desire. Finally, you say to yourself - it was worth it...and the pleasure, the immeasurable pleasure...a tactile pleasure, a hands on pleasure, a worthy pleasure...

How many of the Facebook generation can relate to that ?