Saturday 9 July 2011

Be Not Afraid to Shine.

This is one of the most captivating interpretations of the Cinderella story that I have read so far. Contrary to all the others, this one makes sense and speaks to me, loud and clear.

"Cinderella wants the Prince, and the Prince wants her. What is difficult is learning to think about herself as someone who is able to pursue her pleasure. The stepmother despises and sabotages Cinderella's desires. The stepsisters threaten her with envy, and Cinderella's endless housework is an attempt to deny herself pleasure, and so comply with the mother-oppressor and avoid other women's envy. The fairy godmother, however, is the good mother who supports and relishes Cinderella's pleasures without directing or distorting or competing with them. Cinderella has been compliant in hiding her own fire, but her godmother encourages her (in that crucial dressing-up scene) to reveal her brilliance and beauty and get what she wants, and withstand the envy of others..."

Extract from Adam Phillips - On Balance. Guardian, 3rd July 2010