Thursday 28 July 2011

Shameless Bastards.

This post is written with some men in mind, a lot of men in mind, those shameless bastards, who go to any length to get what they want, using any means...ANY MEANS.
Daily, I come across women, of all ages, who have been CONNED, conned in their trust, conned in their hearts, conned in their finances....conned by some fucked bastard of a prick who is not worth 2 cents.
Profiteers of the hearts, profiteers of sex, profiteers of emotions, profiteers of the soul and of the body --- just profiteers...

Oh no, they are not necessarily bums, nor are they necessarily down and out, they are your "regular" guy, and some of them cloaked in religious garb too. But no matter, deep down they are fucked bastards and must be called by their true name - shameless bastards.

Every woman should be on the look out for the shameless bastard, because he resides in every man. All my male friends tell me so. And in all likelihood, that includes you too, the male reader.
So fuck you in advance.