Tuesday 16 June 2009

Entries and Exits...

There is something that never fails to amuse me...

I have a stat counter. It is no secret, it's right at the bottom of my blog page. Do not get all paranoid now, I can't tell who actually visits me, I can only tell which countries and the "entry words" or "entry points"...also called "word activity".

So I amuse myself by reading what the recent word activities are and how people land on my blog. A few examples...

Some come through with the usual - Arab Woman Blues.

But most others come from queries like :

- arab woman fuck
- hot arab woman
- sexy arab women
- arab woman black man fuck
- arab woman, white man fuck
- older arab woman fuck
- sex, arab woman

and the wordings are funny...people need to learn how to spell before using the net

fock instead of fuck
wemen instead of women
sixi instead of sexy...

Then I get a LOT of the following :

- rape, american, iraqi women
- american soldier fucking iraqi women
- american soldier paying iraqi women for fuck
- rape, arab women
- Iraqi women sucking...

Do you think the above entries would have existed without your occupation ? Of course not !!!

Then I get some other real weird ones like

- mother fucking son
- son fucking mother
- bottle in ass
- masturbating with bottle
- donkey fucking arab woman

Then I get the other stuff :

- do arab women bathe
- how to look like an arab woman
- what are the sexual practices of muslims
- how to pleasure an arab/muslim woman
- arab men why so deceptive
- what muslim men like in bed

I also get benign entries like :

- how to make tabouleh
- what is traditional Iraqi food
- recipe for hommos and falafel


Seems my blog is a brothel, or some porn site for the perverts of this world, or an American torture dungeon or maybe a kitchen for some mega salad for Internet jerks...

I suppose this is the cross I need to bear...alternatively I must stop blogging altogether.

Come to think of it, I believe I need to look at these entries in a sociological fashion...as representing on a microcosmic level, a macrocosmic truth.

What do they indicate ?

They indicate the following :

- MOST people are not interested in Iraq or the Arab world.

- Those who are, are either looking for some exotic sex/romance, cooking recipe or some American occupation rape fucking from the "brave and free".

In other words that type of "curiosity" is clothed with the convenient cloak of "truth seeking"

- Or if they are females, they have just landed some Arab and/or Muslim guy and are looking for tips to be more like an Arab woman or some other secret to "keep him" - hoping they will find it on my blog...

The above are just simple headlines for something more pernicious...

It seems to me that the Internet biggest and sole activity is prompted by SEX, as in sexual quests, sexual curiosity, sexual satisfaction, sexual romance and even sexual politics or sexed up politics... all the above afforded by the anonymity that the net provides.

But more importantly, as an Arab Woman blogger, I can tell you for sure that the long outdated stereotypes, "orientalist" - short of a better word - of " Arab/Muslim woman" "Arab/Muslim sex", "Arab/Muslim practices" are far from Dead.

I suppose in the case of this blog, both Sigmund Freud and Edward Said were right. It really all boils down to "sex", death and representations...of the Other.