Thursday 25 June 2009

An imperfect Ode to Authenticity...

If there is one word in the English language, I absolutely revere, it is this one - Authenticity.

Authenticity and authentic people turn me on. It's that simple in my case.

When I say turn me on, I mean they manage to capture my attention, interest, energy...

We may have totally different view points, ways of being, tastes and a thousand other things...but none of that matters to me in those instances of authenticity.

I deeply respect authentic beings, precisely because they are authentic.

There is no veneer, no bullshit, no fa├žade, no masks, no act, no comedy, no play...there is coherence and there is congruence -- there is just them being who they are...

Authentic people don't impose themselves, but they are not doormats either...they speak their own truth and content themselves with following their true higher selves...regardless.

What a liberating feeling to come across or be with someone like that, be it for short moments...

Authenticity goes beyond all borders and has no passport, no nationality, no religion, no race, no color, no class, no gender, no is timeless, is a gift, it is a blessing, it is a precious gem and that is why it is so rare and so hard to find.

I do not know how to exactly describe it, but when you do come across it, you will instantly recognize it. For some it may be intimidating and they will eventually shun away, for others it is the elixir of their quest...

If you are in tune, you will immediately know who is authentic and who is not. Sometimes words are not necessary. Most of the time it is just a presence, a demeanor, a way of other times it may be a few words -- some simple, essential stuff...

Authentic people are not loud, they do not shout their truths...nor do they silence it...they just are.

Another thing I noticed, authentic people become so...they strive for it, seek it, labor for it, and some forsake many worldly goods for it...their higher calling comes from deep within themselves - being authentic to themselves, to what they truly believe in and live accordingly -- is what makes their paths.

Authentic is not perfect - far from it. Authentic is just that - authentic.

There are no lies, no manipulations, no agendas, no tricks, no maneuverings, no stratagems, no mind games...There is no need for them in an authentic mind.

I don't know how to explain it in words - it is an experience.

You will know when you meet with it because it will never fail to touch you.

Youtube: A.Rieu. Shostakovitch Valse no.2.