Sunday 5 December 2010

The Impossible Four Hours

How is it possible for any man to talk ceaselessly about himself for 4 hours non stop. Like NON STOP.

There is so much narcissism anyone can hold but 4 hours ?!!! Four hours of my life gone to waste listening to some dick head praising himself...4 hours. I could have done so much in 4 hours instead of listening to Mr.Beau yapping endlessly about his little self...Mercy!

At one point I felt the whole world disintegrate into a vacuum, a sort of black hole and there was no one but him, him and his voice talking, talking, talking...

The prospects of having my whole world shrink to him and his speech filled me with a sense of doom...

The funniest bit is after four fucking hours he said - I find you intriguing.

No shit?! Of course you find me intriguing I could not place a word sideways in four hours. I'd find anyone who was silent for four hours most intriguing as well...

When will men learn ?

I want to go and crawl under a rock and stay there till the whole world collapses. I can't take this bullshit anymore.