Monday 6 December 2010

Men O Pause or the Age of Despair

Was watching a program this evening on some Arabic TV channel - was called "Kalam Nawa'em" - i.e conversations of the "softer ones" i.e the weaker sex, i.e Women.

The subject matter revolved around a taboo subject - Sex, women and Menopause.

This is a first on Arabic TV. How can anyone dare talk of menopausal women and sex ?

After all in the Arabic language Menopause is called "sen al ya'ss" meaning the age of Despair.

This implies that any woman whose menses have stopped is in an age of Despair. Despair about what?

Despair that she will not get pregnant. The age of post procreation desperation. The post bleeding uterine blues...

This implies that women's only mission in this life is to procreate.

Which means that women who don't bleed in the age of Desperation and Despair are not entitled to anything...

Sex, sensuality, pleasure, intimacy and joy are no longer their rights...

She's either the mother of so and so, or the un-fuckable spinster...and anyone in the Eastern mentality beyond the age of 30, is un-fuckable...she reminds him of his mother. He can't help it.

You see our men like them (preferably) untouched, young and fresh...Chinese virginity kits can come in handy. And they only cost 15$ on the black market.

The first question is - are you a virgin and the second is can you procreate? Of course, our men will never ask it point blank even though some do, they will allude to the subject...indirectly.

Lots is at stake - name, inheritance, and of course honor...

So back to this o'so daring program.

One woman admitted o'so courageously that she was over 40, everyone applauded her bravery. Oh wow, a woman actually saying she's over 40 on air ?!

The Eastern male psyche will not be able to handle that. He that is so used to plastic, siliconized women from Rotana Video clips, he who spends long hours checking youtube Arab celebrities and the latest porn positions...he, whose world has always centered around his royal (and only) weapon stuffed with Viagra at age of 40, receding with his hair line and secretly wishing it will protrude beyond his pot belly...

Oh yes the age of must know all about it.

Why is Men O Pause such a curse after all ?!