Thursday 16 December 2010

No Tolerance.

Today I took the time to actually write down in full the shit I can't tolerate.

This is no chronological order.

I can't tolerate :

- Bullshitting / dishonesty. If you can say the Truth about yourself, you need not lie. Have some fucking guts.

- Pettiness, Shallowness: These people not only bore me to tears, I just feel they are wasting their lives with all this pettiness.

- Twisted/ crooked people: that goes under bullshitting/dishonesty.

- Opportunism : I hate people who are opportunistic. I find them low, with no backbone, cheap grabbers. I hate all kinds of opportunism ranging from political, to sexual, financial, and other...have some fucking Dignity.

- Abusers : I can deal with violent people they don't scare me at all, they are empty hot air. Weaklings. And I have had some training in martial arts. Have not learned to use a gun yet...would not be a bad idea though. What I can't stand are the users...the sly ones. I guess abusing and opportunism fall under the same category.

In any case, a kick in the balls can't do no harm...either literally or symbolically.

That's all for right now, am sure will find more to add.
Thought about some more shit I can't tolerate.

- bad personal hygiene. I assume once anyone has easy access to water and a bar of soap there is NO excuse not to wash DAILY. Not washing is lack of respect for others. Unless you want to sit and rot away alone in your hole, and no one has to smell your stink.

may add some more later on...