Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Instances of Beauty...

Allah is Beautiful and He loves Beauty...

Many take that hadith/ quote literally...the men in particular. Their understanding is level 1. Very few men have moved beyond level 1. In consequence very few women have moved beyond level 1, as well.

People are stuck in a standardized, homogenized, I am also tempted to say, pasteurized (like the labels you find on "lifelong milk") definitions of Beauty.

This is garbage beauty, this is not the kind of beauty am talking about.

Instances of Beauty is something your soul catches, despite yourself...despite your "ideals" of beauty, despite your "definitions" of beauty, despite what you have been fed through your worthless images, pictures, films, glossy magazines of what beauty is all about...

Your soul, not your mind, your soul...knows what beautiful means. It has always known what Beauty is all about.

Therefore, you too, when open and aware, can recognize all those unlimited instances of perfect Beauty, around and inside of you.

And that, even if they don't fit the image.