Sunday, 17 April 2011

Corazon Loco...

Completamente loco.

Tell me what your heart is made of and I tell you who you are.

I love this rendition of Diego El Cigala with the flamenco twist to it.

Zeryab, an Iraqi from Mosul, took the strings to Al-Andalus, in the very early middle ages, when you did not know what basic hygiene meant. Thanks to him, the Spaniards enjoyed Flamenco ...and the strings and the musical measures of "maqam" were exported thereafter to other parts of the not so civilized West.

Hence in Flamenco, I always find distant melodies, whispers, voice tones, so close to Iraqi traditional music.

Oh you, of little faith, so much we gave you, throughout history, and so much you took without acknowledging, without thanking...nay, you took even more, by force.

Garbage of "civilization".

Y yo soy loca como mi corazon...